CyberPlanet has the possibility to access the billing information in the database in real time. For this a group of Views configured on the MySql server are available.

Connection to MySql base

User: admin_reportes
Port: 51897


Data access

View: view_tickets 

Returns the tickets issued.

TicketNoINT(11)Ticket number, auto-incremental.
CashNoINT(11)Box number on which the ticket was issued
CashierVARCHAR(20)Cashier’s Name


INT(11)id Category
unit_priceDECIMAL(22,8)Unit price
DiscountDECIMAL(19,4)discount amount
totalDECIMAL(18,4)Total receivable
DateTime_consumedDATETIMEDate and time of consumption
DateTime_ticketDATETIMEDate and time of ticket issuance
durationTIMEDuration, in the case of meetings
pcSMALLINT(6)Number of PCs of consumption
PosNoINT(11)POS number. "0" is PC Server.

A ticket can contain multiple records, so it must be grouped by 'TicketNo' field to know the total of each ticket.


 1) Tickets with your cash amount 1
SELECT ticketNo , SUM( AS Importe from view_tickets T WHERE T.CashNo=1 GROUP BY ticketno

Table of categories of tickets

View: view_notascredito

Returns the credit notes issued.

TicketNoINT(11)Ticket linked to credit note
CashNoINT(11)box number
CashierVARCHAR(20)Operator performing the NC
DetailsVARCHAR(640)Comments added to the NC
numberINT(11)Credit note number
totalDECIMAL(18,4)Amount of the CN
DateTimeDATETIMEDate and time of issue.

Credit notes are always associated with a ticket.

Example: All credit notes in box 1

SELECT * FROM view_notascredito WHERE cashNo = 1  

Situations to consider