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do NOT connect the Cyberconsolas Hub to the PC where you have CyberPlanet installed before following these steps.


1) Go to configuration from the Options menuConfiguration → Equipment rental → Consoles – Virtual Equipment

2) Download and install the Hub driver by clicking on the link on the left down corner.

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3) Select the range of client terminals that you want to use for consoles.

4) Click on the option Enable hardware control.

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5) Connect the Hub to the PC where CyberPlanet is running. Wait a few seconds for Windows to detect the new device and press the Search Ports button.

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6) Once the port is detected, click on the OK button to save the configuration.

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On CyberPlanet you will see the chosen range of consoles in this way:

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According to the example in the image:
PC 22 belongs to Blocker 1
PC 23 with Blocker 2
Always consecutively




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