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CyberPlanet allows you to sell products and services through the POS (Point of Sale Terminal).

Using this option you can bring the entire economy of your business from CyberPlanet.

Access to the settings

Enter the PC Server menu → Setting → Point of Sale → Products / Stock

Product and Stock Options

a) Search box

If you are looking to edit any of your products, write here the initial of it and find it quickly.

a) Edit categories

From here you can directly access the category settings.

b) Show only category

By default all categories are displayed. If you want to work with products from a particular category, you should select it from this menu.

c) New

By clicking on New you can create products.

1- Category

Select the new product category.

Categories will allow you to manage and optimize sales of your products and services. After generating the categories you should apply them to each product. At the time of a sale you can filter by Category to speed up searches.


It is optional to place category to your products.

2- Final price

Here you must place the selling price for your product. 

3- Name

Place product name (The maximum number of characters for this field is 100).


Using a barcode reader, in most cases, the product name is auto-complete.

4- Cost price

Now you can set the cost price of your product and better calculate your profits. Enter the cost price of your product.


 At the time of entering new merchandise, the cost price may also be modified from Stock: Income-Expenses.

5- Details

You can add additional details to your product. (Ideal to differentiate products with similar names).

6- point value

You can now set the number of points a customer needs to exchange for their products.


To use this option, you need to enable the Points System.

7- Minimum stock

This configuration is ideal to obtain quickly and simply, a list of those products that need to be replaced. Select the product and modify the minimum stock value you want. (By default the value is 1).

8- Actual stock

From here you can enter or edit the current stock of your products.

9- Tax

Taxes are only used for ticket generation and printing. If you use taxes, the ticket will first detail each tax-free item, then a subtotal, and finally the total value of each tax that is applied. More information.

10- Choose image

By pressing this button you can enter or edit the images of your products.

11- Code - Barcode Reader

If you have a barcode reader, by placing the mouse cursor over this box you can configure the code to your product.

12- Purchase available from PC Client.

By enabling this option your customers will be able to buy this product from the Client PC.

d) Edit

To edit some of your products, simply double click on the row where the same is located.

e) Delete

If you want to remove a product, select it, click Delete, confirm and finally select whether to keep the product within the history or not. 

f) Allow sales with negative stock

Marking this option allows the sale of products with stock less than or equal to 0.

g) Keep track

From here you can choose for how many months you want to keep the history of your products. Placing 0 can save the history for indeterminate time.

h) Massive Price Update

By clicking on this button, you will be able to set a generalized price rise or fall in percentage, taking as a reference the selling price or increase the profit margin.

i) Print list of products

By clicking on this button, you can print a list of all your products, with unit price, category, etc.

Print list of products

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