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  • CyberPlanet 6.5 or higher.

  • Additional grid plate.

  • Access point or router.

  • Windows 10 (64 bits) or higher.

  • PowerPack suscription.

How it works

CyberPlanet WiFi Zone Control is a software module that runs on the server computer. Resolves the generation of a public access hotspot without the need for expensive specific hardware.  When activated, all data flow from WiFi wireless devices passes through the CyberPlanet server. To achieve this, you must place a standard Access Point or Modem/Router connected by Ethernet cable to a second network board placed on the server where CyberPlanet runs.  Your business computer network will be separated from the publicly accessible WiFi network. Customers will not have access to printers.

Requerid hardware

  • A new Ethernet network board on the CyberPlanet server: additional to the one that gives access to the Internet.
  • Access Point or Router / Wireless Modem Additional Standard: Cannot be the main router of your network, must be an additional dedicated device.
  • Ethernet Cable: For interconnection between server PC and Access Point.

Connection diagram

Wiring and shared connection

1) Add a new Red board

There needs to be an additional network board on the PC where CyberPlanet runs. We recommend NOT using WiFi boards on the PC Server. 

2) Wireless network settings

  • Using the Ethernet cable connects the new network board to the wireless Modem/Router or Access Point that WiFi clients will use.
    It MUST be a separate device. It CANNOT be the main modem/router that connects to the internet provider, even if it has WiFi,     


    If you use a router or modem you should always use the LAN ports (local network). DO NOT connect the cable to the WAN port. A wireless Router or Modem/Router can manage the internet connection, for that is the WAN or DSL port. We need it to work ONLY as Access Point.
    An Access Point (AP), on the other hand, only expands the wired network to wireless space (WiFi), therefore all its network ports are local area (LAN).

    View of a Modem/Router

  • Enter the Router or Access Point settings and disable the DHCP. This is the device’s dynamic IP address mapping function. It has to be disabled because addresses have to be assigned from the CyberPlanet server computer.
  • Choosing a wireless network name (SSID) that customers will enter, NOT password the network, must be publicly accessible. However, no one can use your connection if it is not allowed on CyberPlanet.
  • Optional: Change the IP of the router or Access Point to Thus, the device will remain accessible after having the WiFi zone working. Important: Place a strong password to the administrative access of the device, as customers could enter.

3)  Windows: Enable Network Sharing

The most practical is to use Windows network sharing to give wireless customers access to the Internet. To do so follow the following steps on the PC where CyberPlanet is installed:

  1. Search Windows 10: ´Network Connections´ and open ´View Network Connections´

  2. To avoid confusion, rename the board you already had connecting to your internet access router as "Internet" using Right Button, Rename.
  3. Rename the new network board to "WiFi Customers". It should look like this:

  4. On the Board ´Internet´ do right button, Properties. Go to Shared Use tab. Enable ´Allow users from other networks to connect via this computer’s internet connection´ and OK.

If there are more than two network boards it will be necessary to select the ´WiFi Clients´ board on home network connection:

When sharing the connection, Windows applies the fixed IP to the new network board. Leave it at that.

Configuration of WiFi Zone Control

Activate Control of WiFi zone

  • Enter the configuration of CyberPlanet, PC server / Equipment Rental / WiFi zone control and from there check the option Activate WiFi zone control
  • Select the network board associated with your WiFi Access Point. In our example it is called ´WiFi Customers´.
    If you use Windows shared connection, you will see that its IP address is:

  • Save the changes.

Pricing the use of WiFi Zone Control

The service may be used with credit on account of registered customers, PIN Cards and PIN Tickets
May not be used by anonymous customers.

  • From PC server / Equipment rental / Profiles / Rates choose the customer profile that can use the service.
  • Log in to link Tarifación.
  • You can create a new rate if the service will have a special cost.
  • Add the WiFi Hotspot zone to the selected rate.

  • Repeat the process if you need to enable it in other pricing profiles.

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