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Tariff rules are flexible to any scheme you need.

From CyberPlanet enter the PC Server menu → Settings → Equipment rental → Profiles / Rates. 


Pricing profiles

a) Predetermine

With the arrows ↑ (up) or ↓ (down) select the profile to take it to the first position. This way it will be default that the client will use that profile when enabling the PC.

b) New Profile

By clicking on New Profile, you can create a profile:

  • Anonymous:

    For occasional customers. No user and password required for PC use.

  • Registered:

    For customers who log in with User and Password. You can benefit from the Points System.

  • PIN Card:

    Fixed, non-rechargeable prepaid credit card. When a card is generated it is automatically added to the internal stock of PIN cards. Can be printed from CyberPlanet or externally prior to sale. Sold from POS.

  • PIN Ticket :

    Fixed, non-refillable credit PIN. A ticket is generated with the data to access the PC once the PIN Ticket is sold from the POS. 

c) Edit profile

This button edits the selected profile. More information.

d) Disable Profile

Select the profile you want to disable and press Disable.


This option is useful to disable profiles you no longer want to use without deleting all users associated with your account with the disabled profile.

e) Delete profile

Select the profile you want to delete and press Delete.

f) Rename

Select the profile you want to rename and press Rename. 

g) Clone

If you want to create a new profile with the same tariff rules as an existing one, use this button. Then you can rename the cloned profile.

Global Pricing Options.

Global Pricing Options



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