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Configuring CyberClient connectivity is very simple, it only requires completing two parameters. No network configuration from the CyberPlanet server.


Log in to CyberClient settings: More information.

a) PC number

Place a number that will identify each Client PC on the CyberPlanet screen.

b) Use Windows PC name as number

Check this option only if you use diskless system (CCBOOT, CCDISK, CCU, IShareDisk, Richtech, etc).
In order to correctly assign the number to the PC when using diskless systems, where generally all PCs use the same disk image, CyberClient takes the number from the Windows PC name.
On your diskless system, set a different PC name for each Mac Address. The name must have the format "PCxx" or "PC-xx" where xx is the chosen PC number.

c) PC name or fixed IP of the server PC:

Place the name of your PC Server (where you installed CyberPlanet).


If you do not know what is the name of your PC Server: More information


Instead of your PC name, you can also place the PC IP Server. If you use this option, you will need to use the fixed IP. Learn more about fixed IP

d) Test Conection

This button allows you to know the connection status between CyberClient and CyberPlanet. If your settings are correct you should read "Test Connection"


If you fail to configure CyberClient correctly, please contact our Technical Support.

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