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Access to the settings

Enter the PC Server menu → Setting → Security → Administration / Cashiers.

Management Configurations / Cashiers

a) Windows limited user

It is essential for the security of your Windows operating system that the Operator or its customers use a limited-restricted user.

  • Force Windows login with user CyberPlanet_Estandar:

    Enabling this option will force login with a limited user created automatically by CyberPlanet. (If you want to use your own limited user, you can do it without any problems without enabling this option).

  • Do not allow Windows user change:

    Marcando esta opción, Windows iniciará sesión con usuario limitado y no permitirá el cierre de sesión. 


     Si CyberPlanet no funcionara, deberá iniciar Windows con usuario Administrador en Modo Seguro.

b) Remote access to visits

CyberPlanet has the possibility to access the billing information in the database in real time. For this a group of Views configured on the MySql server are available. More information.

From here configure the access key, for greater security.

c) Other Options

  • Set date / Time of the PCs automatically

CyberPlanet corrects Windows time every 10 seconds. It uses public time servers that are on the Internet. Note that the PC time zone is used for the setting. If the time correction does not match your local time check the Windows time zone settings and the summer time setting if applied in your area.

  • Block task manager on this PC

Enabling this option prevents the Task Manager from opening on the PC Server.

  • Destination of automatic backup

By default CyberPlanet saves a backup of your database on the same drive where CyberPlanet was installed. If you want to save this backup to another location, you can modify it from this setting. You can use an external hard drive (removable) or a USB device to store automatic backups.

  • Change of shift date

Depending on the form of work of each business, there may be conflicts as to which day a certain box worked by an Operator is considered to belong. 

For example: a shift can run from 23 to 6. In this case it may be useful to think of that shift as the Morning Shift of the day following the opening of the box. In this case if the change of day is placed at 23, all the boxes that are opened after 23 will be considered belonging to the next day. This is important because it will affect how information is considered in the reports by date. 

  • When reviewing tickets: Only show

From here you can configure if you want to see all the tickets generated in the current box, or up to what amount you want to see (For example: only the last ticket, only the last 5 tickets, etc).

c) Cashiers

  • Set permissions

This configuration allows you to have different profiles for your employees, differentiate the accesses to the CyberPlanet and CyberClient configuration according to the Operator that logs in, allow or avoid remote handling of Client PCs, giving access to or denying stock changes and many more options.

Select the Operator you want to set permissions for and click Set Permissions. Check or uncheck the permissions you want or set up quickly using the profiles.

List and detail of permits
(Server) Access CyberPlanet settingAccess all CyberPlanet configurations.
(Server) Close CyberPlanet Close CyberPlanet at any time
(Server) Export historical WebCam images

Access and save the historical images of the connected WebCam on the PC Server.

(Server) Chat with client PC

Use internal chat to chat with your customers. More information.

(CyberClient) Configure CyberClientAccess the CyberClient Settings.
(CyberClient) Close CyberClientClose CyberClient on all PCs Customers.
(CyberClient) See screen of client PCsUse a Client PC for free.
(Remote access) Ver pantalla de PCs Clientes.Display screen of all equipment. More information.
(Remote access) Manage PC / manage processes / open web pages on clients PCsManage your customers' screen (with the client’s prior permission), view the processes in use or launch a browser with a website. More information.
(Cash) Make Income / Cash OutagesEarning income and spending money. More information.
(Cash) Cash balance auditAccess the Cash balance audit and display the total box on the main screen of CyberPlanet.
(Cash) Print Cash Closing ReportPrint the box form to display totals and subtotals. More information.
(Cash) Close shift with pending charges or PCs in useLeave pending collections and PCs Customers enabled for the next turn.
(Cash) Make credit notes. Cancel sales on not charged PCsGenerate credit notes or Remove products from PCs not charged (These actions generate a Security Event)
(Cash) Apply discounts Apply Preconfigured Discounts on all PCs Customers.
(Cash) Can return unused credit to prepaid customers
By enabling this permission, your Operator will be authorized to return unused money to its prepaid customers.
(Cash) Open cash drawer (F4)By enabling this option your operator will be able to open the coin drawer, even if he has not made a charge, using the F4 key shortcut.
(Reportes) Access Report GeneratorAccess the Report Generator.
(TPV) Enter productsEnter products into stock.
(TPV) Withdraw productsRelease products from the stock.
(Customers) Create new registered customersBy enabling this permission your Operator will be able to create new registered customers. 
(Customers) Modify data, profile and credit of registered customersModify the data, profile and credit of registered customers. More information.
(Customers) Start reg customer session from CyberPlanet (Ctrl-h)
By enabling this option your Operator will be able to log in to a customer by entering their name and password. More information.
(Customers) Create or modify PIN cards
Create or modify everything related to your PIN cards. More information.
  • Horarios y PCs

Desde esta opción podrá configurar en qué horarios, en que días y en qué PCs le permite a sus operadores el uso de PCs Clientes. 

Seleccione un Operador y luego haga clic sobre Horarios y PCs. Allí elija las PCs que permitirá utilizar, los días y horarios. 

  • New cashier

To create a new cashier, press New, edit the username, enter the password, and configure set permissions.

  • Delete cashier

Select the Cashier you want to unsubscribe and press Delete.

  • Change Password

You will be able to edit both the name and password of all your operators, except admin whose name is not editable. Select the Operator and click on Change Password.

  • Require user and password to start CyberPlanet

    Keeping this option disabled, when your PC starts, CyberPlanet will open automatically (without user and password) and demand: User and password to unlock PC.

  • Allow login in with an Unassigned cashier

An Unallocated Cashier can enter CyberPlanet without a password. This is useful for Occasional Cashier: they do not have any permissions. It is similar to the concept of Guest User on the Windows platform.


If this option is enabled, the Login window displays an Unallocated Cashier, who can log in to CyberPlanet without a password.

  • Allow sale of products with credit from customers without an active session

    From here you can enable or disable the sale of products discounting the credit of customers. who are not using a PC. 


Product sales to customers discounting their credit do not require confirmation from the customer. Nor is it necessary to use the customer’s password to authorize the purchase.

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