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To perform a CD/DVD/BLU RAY recording and to be detected you do not need to perform any special procedure. Just activate Control and use your usual recording software. You can enable detection for any equipment in your business.


Due to the dependence of the Control on the behavior of the hardware, we cannot guarantee the operation of the Recording Control for all equipment. We recommend that you perform a test recording to check if it is compatible with your recorder.
If your recorder has problems with detection, we recommend checking with another brand or model.

Access to the settings

Enter the PC Server menu → Setting → Peripheral Control → Scanner and CD / DVD / BLURay Burnings.

Configuration of the Recording Control

To use Recording Control you must check the Enable and Set Cost option for each type of recording.

Define in which PCs recordings will be detected, pressing Select Enabled PCs (PC Server and PCs Clients with recorder, where you want to charge this service).

And to finish close the configuration window.

To consider

Recording Control is compatible with any recording software, although it is more efficient with the following programs:

  • Nero
  • Easy CD creator (Roxio)
  • Clone CD
  • Windows Recording Assistant

The sensitivity of the control is configurable. Some recorders can cause false detections.
In such cases it is recommended to adjust the control accuracy to More compatibility.

Hight precision

  • If the problem is on the PC Server. access the recording control settings in CyberPlanet, and move the bar to the right, More Compatibility.
  • If the problem is on a Client PC, access the settings and enter Recordings / Burned tab, and move the bar to the right, More Compatibility


Recording Control may not detect recordings that last for a short time. For example: when burning a Word document that only contains text.
In certain cases Rewritable CD recordings may not be detected.

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