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Hardware Terminal Multi-User Servers or "Thin Clients" usually use the Terminal Server-style simultaneous session capability that Windows includes.
The best known are: Mup-PC, NComputing (Net Computing), PC Expanion, PC Xtenda, BeTwin and Magic Mirror.

CyberPlanet (PC Server) is not compatible with Multi-User Servers.
CyberClient (Client PCs) is supported.

This means you need at least two PCs: one for CyberPlanet and one for CyberClient (Client PC)

Installation instructions

1 - Download Cyberclient and CyberPlanet from our download page.

2 - Install the CyberPlanet server program on a computer that is NOT a Remote Terminal Server. The Multi-User PC can be used only for Terminals. There are no special settings to be made in this Server Module. Install CyberPlanet.

3 - On the Multiuser machine you will need as many Windows users as Remote Terminals you want to connect. Each terminal is identified by CyberPlanet according to the Windows user that logs in to the Multi-user Server.

4 - We recommend using Restricted Windows Users to improve the security of the Multiuser Server.

5 - Generate a Windows administrative account with a configured password, or add a password to your administrative account.

6 - Log in with the administrative account on the Multi-User Server Locally (not from a hardware terminal). From this user must install CyberClient. We recommend doing this in the default path, within Program File, to avoid write access by users.

7 - Once CyberClient is installed, log in to each Terminal. Remember that each Terminal must start on a different Windows user.
CyberClient will ask for a PC number.

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