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CyberPlanet has the possibility to access the billing information in the database in real time. For this a group of Views configured on the MySql server are available.

Connection to MySql base

User: admin_reportes
Port: 51897


  • CyberPlanet or preview: 
    The password is that of the user "admin" of CyberPlanet. 
  • CyberPlanet or later: 
    The password is configured in PC Menu Server, Configuration, Security, Administration/Operators, "Remote Access to Views"

Data access

View: view_tickets 

Returns the tickets issued.

TicketNoINT(11)Ticket number, auto-incremental.
CashNoINT(11)Box number on which the ticket was issued
CashierVARCHAR(20)Cashier’s Name


INT(11)id Category
unit_priceDECIMAL(22,8)Unit price
DiscountDECIMAL(19,4)discount amount
totalDECIMAL(18,4)Total receivable
DateTime_consumedDATETIMEDate and time of consumption
DateTime_ticketDATETIMEDate and time of ticket issuance
durationTIMEDuration, in the case of meetings
pcSMALLINT(6)Number of PCs of consumption
PosNoINT(11)POS number. "0" is PC Server.


A ticket can contain multiple records, so it must be grouped by 'TicketNo' field to know the total of each ticket.


 1) Tickets with your cash amount 1
SELECT ticketNo , SUM( AS Importe from view_tickets T WHERE T.CashNo=1 GROUP BY ticketno


Table of categories of tickets

View: view_notascredito

Returns the credit notes issued.

vinculado a la nota de crédito
linked to credit note
número de caja
box number
Operador que realiza la
Operator performing the NC
Comentarios agregados a la
Comments added to the NC
Número de nota de crédito
Credit note number
Importe de la NC
Amount of the CN
Fecha y hora de emisión
Date and time of issue.


Las notas de crédito están siempre asociadas a un Credit notes are always associated with a ticket.

Ej: Todas las notas de crédito de la caja Example: All credit notes in box 1

SELECT * FROM view_notascredito WHERE cashNo = 1  

Situaciones a tener en cuenta

  • Los tickets filtrados por fecha pueden no ser los mismos que filtrados por número de caja:
    Ej: Si una caja se cierra al dia siguiente de su apertura. Ej2: Si hay más de una caja (turno) en un mismo día. 
  • Las vistas están disponibles solo en bases Mysql instaladas en PC servidor de CyberPlanet (base Local).
  • Los Ingresos o Egresos adicionales que pueden formar parte de un turno no son accesibles desde la integración.



Situations to consider

  • Tickets filtered by date may not be the same as tickets filtered by box number:
    Example: If a box closes the day after it opens. Ex 2: If there is more than one box (turn) on the same day. 
  • Views are available only on Mysql databases installed on CyberPlanet server PC (Local base).
  • Additional Income or Expenses that may be part of a shift are not accessible since integration.


CyberPlanet has the possibility to access the billing information in the database in real time. A group of Views configured on the MySql server is available for this.