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Table of Contents

Installation of CyberPlanet (Server Module)

1- Download and run the CyberPlanet installer.


For installation of CyberPlanet in a multi-user terminal environment Thin Clients check: Installation in multi-user terminals.

If you use on your PC Server freezer programs like Deep Freeze, Goback, Shadow User: See Compatibility with Deep Freeze.

2- To avoid problems, we suggest creating an exclusion in your antivirus for the CyberPlanet installation folder:  Exclude the most popular - Windows antivirus . 

3- Select local MYSQL and press the Continue button.


Choose MYSQL Remote only if you want to use a dedicated server to store your database information. More information.

4- If you install for the first time, choose the New Database option. If you already have a CyberPlanet backup and you do not want to configure it again, recover Last available database on this PC or Recover an external backup.

5- Continue with the Installation Wizard, which will guide you through the basic system settings to get started with CyberPlanet. You can then access all CyberPlanet settings from the Menu PC Server → Settings .

6- Once the installation is complete, CyberPlanet will start automatically. The Client Terminals will appear on the CyberPlanet screen in red, in the Offline state until you have installed the Client Module (CyberClient) on each computer and configured it correctly: CyberClient Configuration.

Quick Start Wizard

Follow the instructions of the installation wizard and consult us for any questions you have:

1) number of terminals

a- Number of terminals. More information.
b- Peripheral Control Only or Complete. More information. 

2) Rates for PC use

- Click on Configure profiles → Rental rates for equipment More information .

2b) Configure Profiles and Rates

- Choose the profile (Guest or Member) and press the Edit Profile button. 

Then close the settings and click on the Next button.


For information on how to set up your profiles and rates: Más information.

3) Configure Impression Control

- Click on Configure Printers. More information.

3b) Print control

- From here you can configure the printers you want to control, their rates and much more. More information.


Select only real printers. You should not control printers such as fax, PDFCreator, etc.

4) Control of Recordings and Scans

- If you want to configure and enable Recording and/or Scanning Control, click on Configure Recording Control for CD/DVD and Scans or press the Next button.

4-b) Recording Control CD/DVD/BLU RAY and Scans

From here you can enable Scan and Recording Control, and set the cost for use.

5) Security options

a-  Set admin user password.  More information   .
b-  Add more Users Operators.  More information  
c-  Configure Remote Access.  More information
d- More options. More information.

5-b)User admin and operator

Set the admin user’s password and create at least one Operator. Once finished you can press the Finish button.

Si ya posee un backup de CyberPlanet y no desea configurar nuevamente, recupere