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The remote POS is used from a computer where CyberClient is installed. The Operator’s name and password must be entered.

Benefits and limitations of remote POS

Remote POS is a tool created for customers who have two or more operators per shift, or for operators who handle two PCs simultaneously. The idea is to decompress the use of CyberPlanet.

Our remote POS allows you to:

  • Sell credit to registered customers.
  • Sell products.
  • Sell Servicios.
  • Sell PIN Cards, Free Passes and Promotions.
  • Apply discounts.
  • Create or edit Products, Services and Discounts.
  • Edit the icons of your Products and Services.
  • Entering and exiting product units.
  • Make prints, scans and recordings.
  • Access the Points System settings.
  • Individually monitor the total collected.


  • It is not possible to charge Free Use time or charge prepayments on PCs Customers.
  • The box is closed only from the PC Server, where CyberPlanet works.

Enable use of remote POS

Remote POS is enabled from CyberPlanet settings. More information

Access to the remote POS

Remote POS opens from a CyberClient-enabled computer in Vendor Mode.

Sell from remote POS

The mode of use is exactly the same as the local POS, the only thing that is modified is the confirmation of sales from CyberPlanet (Optionally). More information.

Registered customers

Charge credit

You can charge your customers balance from local POS or remote POS.

New customer

You can create client accounts from local POS or remote POS.

Modify - Delete

From here you can edit user data such as credit, number of points, due date, etc.
Also disable a promotion or free pass, delete your password or delete your account.


The minutes that are Redeem Points or Promotions are not editable.
Only a privileged operator can modify this data.

Redeem Points

From here you can redeem points for products or PC usage time for your customers.

To access the menu Registered Customers → Redeem Points.

There choose whether you want to redeem time or products.

If you redeem for time, you must enter the number of points. If you redeem for products, you must choose the product.


If your customer wishes, you can redeem points from the same client PC. More information.


From here you can access historical customer tracking.

Lock / Unlock Accounts

From here you can block any user account, either temporarily or permanently, you can also unlock a previously blocked account.


This option can be useful to attract the attention of a customer who is behaving improperly in your business.

Mode of use

There are two mode of working:

Mode 1:

The Operator makes sales independently, without having to be confirmed by the PC Server (CyberPlanet).
In this mode you can apply sales to PCs in use, adding cost to customer account. 


To use this mode, from the POS configuration in CyberPlanet you must uncheck the option that says: The remote POS requires authorization from the PC Server to sell. More information.

Mode 2:

From CyberClient (remote POS)

When they generate orders, they are sent to the server computer where CyberPlanet runs and enter a queue awaiting collection. Meanwhile you can send more orders from the POS. You cannot apply sales to PCs Customers.

From CyberPlanet (PC server)

If you use Mode 2, on the Server PC (Cyberplanet) the Operator will see pop-ups informing orders from remote vendors. From there it will allow or deny sales and make payments that increase the CyberPlanet box.

From CyberPlanet you can check the totals of each seller from reports or from POS: POS menu → Remote POS: Collected Sales

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Ticket printing

All tickets generated by the remote POS, leave by the card maker or register that is connected to CyberPlanet.

Cash Drawer

If you want you can make the opening of the Cash Drawer with each sale from the remote POS. More information.


By pressing this button you can access this manual.

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