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The Point of Sale or local POS (Point of Sale Terminal), will allow you to sell Products, Services, Promotions, Peripherals from CyberPlanet, or from CyberClient using the remote POS

Access to POS

POS opens from CyberPlanet: POS Menu → Selling Products-Services or via the F5 Keyboard Shortcut

Sell from the POS

Using POS can provide your customers:

a) Products:

From here you can sell all the products you market in your business, either by selecting the category and/or product, or using the barcode reader.


No limit on the quantity of products.

b) Services:

You can also create and sell all the services you offer in your business.

c) Discounts:

Discounts are set up beforehand: More information.

 d) Free Passes / Offers

See settings: Offers and Free Passes.

e) Tickets / PIN Cards

View configuration: PIN tickets, PIN cards.


PIN tickets are printed directly from the ticket printer at the time of the POS sale.


From the Point of Sale entering the Settings menu, you can:

a) Products

From here you can access the product settings. More information.

b) Services

From here you can access service settings. More information.

c) Discounts

From here you can access the discount settings. More information.

d) Offers

From here you can access the promotions settings. More information.

e) Lan Party/Free Pass

From here you can access the Free Pass settings. More information.

f) Work environment

Control usage parameters to tailor the system to your needs. 

  • Show Products and promotions such as:
    Select whether to display your products in Icons or List mode.


    The option you choose will depend on whether or not you use Touch Screen and how many products you have.

  • When completing sale:
    You can choose the Close POS window behavior or Keep it always open. Just empty list

  • Print Ticket PIN
    Select which printer you want to print your PIN Tickets with.

  • Header
    You can optionally type a header for your PIN Tickets.

g) Stock: Entry - Withdraw

From here you will be able to make revenue-outs of market. More information.

h) Points program

From here you can access system settings points. More information.

Registered customers

Charge credit

You can charge your customers balance from local POS or remote POS.

New customer

You can create client accounts from local POS or remote POS.

Modify - Delete

From here you can edit user data such as credit, number of points, due date, etc.
Also disable a promotion or free pass, delete your password or delete your account.


The minutes that are Redemption points or Promotions are not editable.

Only a privileged operator can modify this data.

Redeem points

From here you can redeem points for products or PC usage time for your customers.

To access the menu Registered Customers → Redeem points.

There choose whether you want to redeem time or products.

In case of redemption for time, you must enter the number of points. In case of redemption for products, you must choose him or the products. 


If your customer wishes, you can redeem points from the same client PC. More information.


From here you can access historical customer tracking.

Lock / Unlock Accounts

From here you can block any user account, either temporarily or permanently, you can also unlock a previously blocked account.


This option can be useful to attract the attention of a customer who is behaving improperly in your business.

Keyboard shortcuts of the POS

  • F2: Sample Products.
  • F3: Sample Services.
  • F4: Apply Discounts.
  • F10: Free passes / Offers.
  • F11: PIN Cards
  • + : Add Selected Product or Service or Increase by 1 the number of units of a product already added.
  • -  : Decreases by 1 the quantity of the Product or Service added.
  • Esc: Cancel the current order.
  • Tab: Switch focus between screen elements.

Configurations related to POS

Bar code reader

No need to configure it. While Windows detects it you can use it without problems with CyberPlanet.

The reader works both for the creation of new products and for sale.


You can use any barcode reader that emulates keyboard.

You do not need to position the cursor in any special control, you only need focus in the general POS window.

For each pass 1 item of the found product is added and a sound is emitted.

General aspects

  • All sales are registered to the current Cashier’s Operator.

  • The POS environment can be controlled by Touch Screen, keyboard or mouse.

  • You can upload your own images for products and Categories or use those offered by the system. 

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