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Since version 6.4 of CyberPlanet, its processes run on the Windows user "cp_admin". 
Connections with remote printers are independent for each Windows user.  For this reason, adding or removing connections with remote printers from the Windows control panel will have no effect on Print Control.
Connections with remote printers (Shared on PC Server) are manipulated from CyberPlanet / CyberClient configuration.


Enter CyberClient settings and select the Impressions flap. More information.


If you are migrating from a previous version of the system:
After installing CyberClient, access this setting to remove remote printers and then install them.

a) Install

By pressing Install, you can install all shared printers within your Windows network.


To install printers you need to access CyberClient settings. More information.

b) Exclude from control

If you want to exclude a printer from print control on a specific PC, select the printer and press the Exclude Control button.


You can also access this configuration from CyberPlanet. More information.

c) Print preferences

Select the printer to which you want to modify your printing preferences, press the Print Preferences button and configure from the window that opens.

d) Printer properties

Select the printer to which you want to modify the properties, press the Printer Properties button and configure in the window that opens.

e) Share / Do not share

If your printer is connected on the client PC, from here you can decide whether to share it or not.


If your printer is network (ethernet or wifi port), we recommend installing as network printer (without sharing from windows). More information.

f) Uninstall

Select the printer you want to uninstall and press the Uninstall button. 

g) Uninstall all the printers

If you want to remove all your printers, press the Uninstall all printers button.

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