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PowerPack subscription

PowerPack is a set of services that allow you to take full advantage of CyberPlanet Premium.

It involves an annual subscription.

See all the services included


Several PowerPack services require configuration in CyberPlanet.

From CyberPlanet enter the menu Server PC → Settings → PowerPack Service

a) Allow remote connection

You must first allow remote access to the PC: Enable PowerPack connection to the cloud.

b) WiFi zone pricing

By clicking on the Configure button, you can access the WiFi Control settings.

WiFi Zone Control is a CyberPlanet utility that creates a controlled WiFi zone in the Cybercafé/Lancenter.
It will allow you to generate extra revenue and optimize the use of your internet connection.
See configuration

c) Remote handling

It allows you to view and manage PCs across the business.
Very useful to maintain your PCs from any location, or simply to view the activity of PCs in real time.

No additional configuration required.
Within your client panel you will find remote access to each of the branch PCs.

d) Backup and reporting in the cloud

CyberPlanet will synchronize your database with each turn closure.
This will keep an exact copy of the database in the client panel.

You can view the same reports locally and remotely.
In case of hardware damage, you can download the backup and continue working as if nothing had happened.
More information

e) Online map

It allows you to create a map of your business so that customers can see the availability of PCs in real time.
The map can be projected on a business TV or posted on a website.

The configuration consists of an editor that allows you to move, rotate, zoom and zoom objects.
In this way, you can achieve a very realistic business map.
Create map

f) Online booking of equipment

CyberPlanet’s online equipment booking system allows your customers to book equipment from the comfort of their cell phone without having to be present in the business.
More information

g) Login on consoles by QR code

Your customers can scan the code to log in/out on video game consoles, using their Registered User or with a PIN card/ticket.
You only need to print the QR codes to place them next to each Console.

To create/print QR codes:
Menu PC Server → Setting → Equipmen rental → Consoles - Virtual PCs → Print QR codes.

h) Monitoring by WebCam

Allows you to monitor your local in real time and historical.
No additional configuration required.
You only need to have a USB WebCam connected to the PC Server (where you have CyberPlanet installed).

CyberPlanet preserves historical images with a maximum age of 15 days.
Requires at least 5GB free on the drive where you installed CyberPlanet.

To copy the saved images, go to: Menu Utilities → Monitoring WebCam → ´Save image as´

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