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Esta configuración es ideal para extremar las medidas de seguridad en sus PCs Clientes.

Access to the settings

Enter the menu Server PC → Settings → Client PCs  Windows Restrictions


From there you will be able to choose those restrictions that you believe necessary.


To fix changes, you need to restart PCs Clients.


  • Hide the Control Panel.

  • Block access to the Regedit.

  • Hide the icons on the Desktop. 

  • Disable CMD (Command Prompt). 

  • Delay start of CyberClient
    Enabling this option, CyberClient will lock the PC when you start Explorer.exe (Avoid possible conflicts with Windows services startup).
    If you want to speed up PC crash, please disable this option.

  • Force Windows Quick Restart:
    Enabling this option, Clients PCs force Windows restart or shutdown without waiting for applications to close.

Start menu / Control panel

  • Do not allow Windows to shut down or restart

  • Start CyberClient in Error-Proof Mode. What is Error-Proof Mode? 
    Enabling this option, CyberClient will always block the PC Client, even if you start Windows in Error-Proof Mode. 

  • Block the Task Manager.

Windows 7

  • Block Run and Search Bar

  • Hide Settings 

  • Hide Network Center 

Windows 10

  • Hide applications
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