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The equipment reservation system allows your customers to book PCs and game consoles in advance.
They can do it individually or in a group. Includes sign management to prevent your equipment from being booked unnecessarily. 

The operator can create local reservations from CyberPlanet or the registered customer can do so from their web panel if you enable Online Reservations.

Access to the settings

To access this setting, go to:
Enter the PC Server menu→ Setting → Equipment rental →  Bookings.

Required address for customer bookings

You can configure the system to require a sign when booking. 
The cost of the sign can be a fixed cost per equipment or a percentage of the total cost of the reservation. 
The address is taken from the Registered customer’s credit. This credit is frozen and returned if all the reserved PCs are occupied.

Booking drop time for no-show

The reservation will be canceled without a deposit if the customer does not show up after this grace period.
Reservation is considered fulfilled when all reserved PCs or consoles are occupied on time.
Example: If the reservation starts at 20hs and the fall time is 10 minutes, users must log in before 20:10hs.

Availability of reservations for busy PCs

There is a conflict that arises when a customer wants to book a computer that is currently in use. On the one hand the customer you are using cannot be forced to leave because someone wants to book their equipment. But on the other hand, we do not want to miss the possibility of the team being booked for the rest of the day. This option allows you to choose as soon as we deem it reasonable to allow a customer to make the reservation of equipment in use.  Default is 5 hours.

When a computer in use is entered a reservation, a notice goes out on the PC so that the customer is aware at what point he must leave the computer.
Example: We want to reserve the PC5, which is busy, being the 15hs.
If the time set is 5 hs, it can only be reserved for use from 20hs, not before.

Time Limit for Return of Deposit for Cancellation

When a reservation is cancelled, the address can be returned or not. If the cancellation was too close to the time of use of the reservation we can consider that the business was already damaged: Warnings are displayed on the PC before the time of booking, If I were to inform you that you would have to leave at a certain time, perhaps that customer would have stayed if it were not for the reservation. With this in mind you can set a no return policy if the cancellation is made after the set time limit.

Example: You set a time limit of 1 hour. When there are 30 minutes to use the reservation, the customer cancels the reservation from their web panel. Be advised that your signal will be withheld

Block unoccupied teams when missing

To avoid customers wasting their time entering a team that very soon has a scheduled reservation it is advisable to use this option. Equipment may only be used by placing the reservation code if less than the time set for the reservation to start. 

Online booking


To be able to use online reservations of customers it is necessary that you enable the connection with the cloud, since the reservation web communicates with your installation of CyberPlanet.

Allow online booking of customers

Allows customers to create reservations from the Web link to access their online booking panel.

Opening hours

Set the allowable times to create reservations. Normally, they should match your business' work hours.

Enabled equipment

Establish which equipment can be booked online by customers.

Maximum number of equipment to book per customer

To avoid excesses in the equipment that a customer reserves, a limit should be set. The client will not be able to exceed the configured number of computers when creating reservations.
Account is taken of the number of equipment booked including all active customer bookings.

Access link to online reservations

This is the link your customers need to create reservations.
You can publish it on your website or share it with your customers via email, WhatsApp, etc.

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