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Registered customers are those who log in to client PCs with username and password. Your personal data is saved in the system if required, such as identity document, date of birth, etc.

Registered customers can

  • Charge credit to your account.
  • Purchase products and services in cash or with your credit.
  • Purchase Promotions and Free passes.
  • Accumulate points for your consumption and redeem them for time or selected products.
  • Leave consumption due, optionally.
  • Have account maturities with notice by mail (Configurable, to eliminate credit or points to customers who do not use their accounts).
  • Transfer credit to other registered customers.
  • Have exclusive rates.
  • Exclusive discounts on Prints, Recordings and Scans.
  • Know the detail of all your movements from your use session.
  • Change your password from the same session.
  • Use the HotSpot service (WiFi Control), with your username and password.

You can to your registered customers

  • Set them a maximum debt amount.
  • Configure cost per customer account creation.
  • Perform a temporary user account lock (ideal to penalize improper behavior).
  • Set up an automatic alert when credit is running low.
  • Send them birthday greetings (automated system for customer loyalty).


a) Change color

This setting is useful to quickly differentiate the profile that computers are enabled with. 

If you want to change the color of any of your profiles, click on Change Color and select the new color.

b) Permissions

Allow Play&Pay

By enabling this option your registered customers will be able to use the PC and pay when they finish their use or take debt (if allowed from the configuration).
By unchecking this option, your registered customers will only be able to use PCs by charging credit.

Pay products, services, printouts, etc:

At session end

By enabling this option your registered customers will be able to purchase products, services and impressions and pay at the end of PC use.

With credit

By enabling this option your registered customers will be able to discount products, services and impressions from your credit.

Buy products or services from Client PC

Now your customers can purchase products and services from the comfort of the PC, with a simple and modern graphical environment. More information.
From here you can enable or disable this function.

Allow tu return unused credit

Now your customers can also transfer your account credit to another registered customer. More information.
From here you can enable or disable this function.

c) Tolerance

Charger start

With this option you can avoid charging the customer from the first second of use. Regardless of the tariff rule configurations you have stipulated, the customer will not be charged until the time set up here has been met.


From here you can set the number of minutes you want to give to your customers. If you do not want to give time to your customers you must leave the value 0.

For example: If the tolerance is 1 minute, the cost of 30 minutes will be charged upon completion of the 31st minute of use.

d) Credit charges

Minimum initial Charge

From here you can set a minimum amount of charge, which must be paid by your registered customer when you create their user account.

Minimum recharge

Here you can set a minimum amount for when your customers want to top up their accounts.

Account creation cost:

Now you can also set a cost for your registered customers, by creating an account.

e) Debts

Maximum debt:

If you want, you can allow them to take debt to their clients, and here you can set a maximum amount to take debt.

Allow debtors to log in, until they reach the maximum allowed debt. 

By checking this option, your customers who are in debt to you will also be able to start using PCs. Disabling it, they must cancel their debt in order to use a PC.

f) Special

Apply discounts to Printouts

If you want, you can put a special discount on prints to your registered customers, so you can retain them. Set the percentage value you want to apply.

Apply discounts to burnings and scans

If you want, you can put a special discount on Recordings or Scans to your registered customers. Place the percentage value you want to apply.


a) Price scheme

You can now set different rates for the same profile. By default the Main rate appears:

  • If you want to create a new rate you must click on the symbol More.
  • To edit, you choose the rate and then press on the pencil.
  • Or if you want to eliminate a fee, choose it and press on the trash can, remove.


If you wish, you can test your rate by calculating Rounding and/or Tolerance.

b) PCs zones

From here you can choose the Equipment Zone for each of your rates.

c) Test pricing

This option is ideal to evaluate your rate, see if it behaves and charges as you want, detect problems in your settings and edit easily.


If you wish, you can test your rate by calculating Rounding and/or Tolerance.

d) Simple mode

This option is ideal for simple pricing schemes.

  • Minimum cost:
    If you want, you can specify the minimum cost to collect. The enabled PC will charge this minimum amount until some tariff rule exceeds it in cost.
  • Hourly cost:
    Configure how much you want to charge for 1 hour on PC usage.
  • Charge every:
    Select every how many minutes you want to split the cost of your time.
    For example: If you charge for 1 hour $10 and fractionate every 15 minutes, your customer will pay $2.5 every 15 minutes of use.

e) Advanced mode

1- New rule:

Select the cost, fraction and check if you want the rule to be repeated.

2- Edit rule

Select the rule you want to edit and press this button to correct the cost of your rule.

3- Delete Rule

With this button you can remove the tariff rule you want.

4- Repetition of Rules

From here you can configure from which rule you want the collection cycle to start again.

Example: We have a fee with 4 rules:

Rule 1: $3.5 for 20 minutes

Rule 2: $3 next 20 minutes. (40 minutes = $6.5)

Rule 3: $1 next 20 minutes (60 minutes = $7.5)

Rule 4: $2.5 every 20 minutes

And in Repeat Rules we will select rule number 4.

f) Free

Checking this option, the use of PC with this profile will not be tarifado.

g) Hours and days of the week allowed for this rate

This option is ideal to charge different prices depending on the time or day. From here you can determine at what times or days it is available for each selected fare. By default it applies on all days and schedules.By clicking on an hour, add/remove that time for every day of the week. By clicking on the name of the day, add/remove all hours of the corresponding day.

  • Example schedule:

  • Example days:

Advanced Options

a) Account Expiration


By setting this option, you can make your customers' accounts expire. Expiration applies when the set number of days is met. 

Depending on the option chosen, the days are counted differently:

    • Last credit charge.

      You start counting days from the first time you use your account.

    • Last account usage.

      You start counting days when you use your account. This means that the number of days will restart each time you use your account.

    • Without caducity.

      No times are calculated. The account will never expire.

When expired

If you enabled the First Use or Last Use of Account Expiration option, you can specify the action to perform at maturity

Remove available credit.

When the client reaches maturity, the accumulated credit is automatically eliminated.

Eliminate accumulated points.

When the customer reaches maturity, their accumulated points are automatically eliminated.

b) Email notifications

Send "Happy Birthday" email

Taking into account the data entered from each of your customers, CyberPlanet automatically sends an email to your customer’s registered e-mail to wish you a happy birthday on behalf of your business.

Send mail when account expiration approaches

CyberPlanet will automatically send an email to customers near the expiration of their account (1 week before expiration and 1 day before expiration)

c) Edit mail models

From here you can write the content of your emails, place subject, complete the content of the e-mail and/or place an image.


Si utiliza imágenes para su correo, le recomendamos usar imágenes de 600 x 90 pixeles.

d) Configure mail server

More information.


Example: Simple mode for registered profile

In this example, we will charge a minimum of $1, the cost of the hour is $10, we fractionate every 1 minutes and use the rounding of $0.05.

Example: Advanced Mode for Registered Profile

In this example, we will not set a minimum cost and we will decrease the cost per PC use progressively. The first hour of use costs $15, until the second $12 (accumulated $27) and from the second hour is fractionated every 30 minutes, with a cost of $5 every 30 minutes. Rule number three will be repeated.

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