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Installing CyberClient in the Windows environment is very simple. By following the steps below you can perform the process without any inconvenience.

Install CyberClient (Client Module)

1) Download the CyberClient installer. 

2) Start the installation on each of your Client PCs and follow the steps of the wizard.

3) Configure CyberClient on each of your Clients PCs. Configuration of CyberClient.

4) From the CyberClient settings enter the Prints tab and click Install
This utility installs the shared and controlled printers in CyberPlanet (PC Server).


If you have network printers (local printers with network port) you must install them manually on each of your Client PCs.

For Print Control to identify network printers, they must have the same name on PC Server and Client.
We advise to simplify the names. For example: Instead of "HP Laserjet 1020", place it as "LaserBN". More information.


It is recommended to remove printers that you do not use to optimize your network resources.

If you have any concerns do not hesitate to contact our Technical Support.

Download the CyberClient installer.

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