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Access to the settings

From CyberPlanet enter the menu Server PC → Settings → General. 

Settings of the general menu

a) Main

  • Numbers of terminals

From this configuration you can change the number of Client PCs you want to control with CyberPlanet. Within the Amount tab, delete the number of terminals and type a new one.  At the end, close the window so that the change takes effect.


Premium Version Only: The maximum number of terminals depends on the license you have purchased. If you want to increase the number of terminals, you can buy an extension of your license.  More information.


If you purchased an extension and cannot change the number of Client PCs, restart CyberPlanet.
Then wait for CyberPlanet to validate the license and repeat the steps.
NOTE: There will be no visual validation warning. Waiting 5 minutes will be more than enough.


The Lite Version allows up to 10 client terminals. If you have a Premium version, the number of terminals fits the license you purchased.

  • Language

Now you can choose the language you want to use: English or Spanish for CyberPlanet and CyberClient.


You can also edit the program language by entering the Server PC → language menu.

b) Behavior

There are two modes of operation within CyberPlanet: Full Mode and Peripheral Control Only.

  • Full: Control of PCs and Peripherals

    This is the system’s default mode of use. Enables all CyberPlanet features.

  • Peripherals Control Only: Impressions, Scan and CD / DVD burnings

It is limited to Print Control, Scanning and CD/DVD Recording, it does not block the use of the equipment.
This mode is ideal for universities, hotels or places where it is not charged for the use of PCs Clients. You can also use it if you don’t want to use CyberPlanet as a primary charger in your business and just want it to control the use of peripherals.


Esta modalidad no está disponible en la Versión Lite de CyberPlanet.

Description of Peripheral Control Mode Only
In CyberClient: 

  • It does not block PCs that are not in use.
  • It does not control the time or amount of use of equipment.
  • Child Protective Services is down.
  • It remains invisible until it detects a print or scan.
  • Detecting a print shows the client the preview as in Full Mode. Once the printing job is accepted or cancelled, CyberClient becomes invisible again.
  • When detecting a scan, it shows the client the result of the scan and gives the option to save it. If the client accepts the scan, it adds to the total of your PC. Otherwise, the file is deleted. Once the scan is accepted or cancelled, CyberClient becomes invisible again.
  • Detecting a CD/DVD burn sends a message to CyberPlanet for accounting.

In CyberPlanet:
      • Does not show times or amounts of PC usage. (Does not control them).

      • Does not show the Start status (Play symbol) or Finish status (Stop symbol). Only the Charge status if it detects prints, CD/DVD recordings or scans.

      • It does not block PCs.

      • It does not report if PCs are inactive.

      • It does not allow the use of POS Utilities, Subscribers and PIN Ticket or PIN Card.

      • It does not allow to restart, shut down or close windows of PCs Clients.

      • It does not allow Volume Control of client PCs.

  • Show PC disconnected on server

    Determines when CyberPlanet will display the PC as offline. The PC will be shown as offline if the offline time exceeds the configured time.
  • Block client PC after 

    When CyberClient loses connection with the CyberPlanet server it self-locks if the offline time exceeds the time configured here. A high time like 5 minutes can prevent blockages in PCs Customers when their network suffers failures.


    By closing CyberPlanet correctly, the wait time for self-locking on Client PCs is 99 minutes.

c) Cash desk Closing

  • Request cash from the cashier


This option is useful to find box disfigurements (leftovers or missing). If your Trader cannot visualize the total cash, he or she will not be able to keep the remaining money or evade the missing money.

Incluide in cash summary report:

With these options you can customize the Report that is generated with each Cash Close that is made. The Cash Report is also inside the Report Generator.

    • Products Stock

      The daily report shall include a breakdown of all your products, the initial cash stock, the final stock and the quantity of units sold from each.
    • Security Events and cashier sessions

      Events related to CyberPlanet security will be included. For example: at what time a box was opened, if the settings were accessed, etc. View security events.

  • Header: Aditional text

In these two lines you will be able to complete information about your business. The data you enter is displayed in the cash summaries.

d) Varius configurations

  • Start CyberPlanet with Windows

    This option is enabled by default. If you want to manually start CyberPlanet, disable this option.


    This option is compatible with windows remote desktop.


    We recommend leaving this option checked, to have more control of your business.

    • Block PC until login

      By enabling this option, the PC Server cannot be used until CyberPlanet starts.

  • Show charge help

    The Collection Aid is helpful in determining the change you should give your customers. For example: A customer consumes $2.75 and pays with $5, the Operator enters the amount of money received and the Collection Aid determines the change the customer should receive, or $2.25.


    By checking or unchecking this option, you can enable or disable the Collection Help.

  • Enable automatic updates

    By enabling this option you will receive graphical alerts of CyberPlanet updates. To receive updates you must have your PowerPack subscription up to date.

  • Set fixed volumen on speakers / headphones of client PCs 

    This setting allows you to set a fixed sound volume level for all PCs by controlling the volume intensity with the scroll bar.
    To turn up or down the volume on Client PCs, move the bar that appears there, with the right end of the bar being the largest volume.


Another way to modify the volume of PCs Clients in a timely, fast and simple way is by entering Terminals → Audio volumen. More information.

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