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CyberPlanet Lite is the free version of CyberPlanet.
It lasts 30 days and has the following differences with CyberPlanet Premium:

Comparison chart

CyberPlanet LiteCyberPlanet Premium

Print control

It is essential to avoid leaks and better manage your business.
CyberPlanet Lite will allow you to price impressions,
but it will not save data in tickets or historical records.

The number of printers to control is unlimited in Lite and Premium versions.

Does not keep records


Shopping cart from client PC

Customers can choose and purchase their products directly from the PC they are using.
Payments with credit, points or cash.
You will have control over which products are available.



Fixed home page

CyberPlanet Lite does not allow modifying the home website on Client PCs
and always opens the browser when the client logs in.



Online Booking PCs

CyberPlanet’s online PCs booking system allows your customers to book PCs from the comfort of their cell phone without having to be present in your business.



Online PCs Map

The Online PCs Map service allows you to show the distribution and availability of all your PCs on a TV.
All your customers can know which PC is free or about to be vacated.



CyberConsolas - Control of video game consoles

Through our special hardware, CyberPlanet will be able to charge time consumed
and block the unauthorized use of any type of equipment, such as XBOX, Playstation, etc..



Control of Minors and Black List of sites

Child Control blocks pornographic or violent sites.
This control is complemented by the custom Site Black/White List.



WiFi zone control (PowerPack required)

It will allow you to generate extra income and optimize the use of your internet connection.
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