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The way CyberPlanet performs print control is unique in this class of applications.

Outside CyberPlanet, the most advanced print control systems require the operator to decide whether the prints are color, black and white, photographic, etc, with the risks of fraud and disagreements that this implies.

You can have REAL control of the impressions in your business. The system charges according to the amount and type of ink (color or black) of each printed page. Users can know the exact cost of their impressions before sending them.

The installation of the printing control is automatic and is compatible with any kind of printers. Unlike other systems, there are no limitations regarding the version of Windows used or the location of the printer within the network.


Here we leave the link to our video about print control, so you can know how it works in detail.


Printing fees.

Discounts for number of impressions.

Discounts for duplex prints.

Price differentiated according to paper size.

Printer lock.

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