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Access to the settings

Enter the PC Server menu → Setting → Peripheral Control → Printers

Configuration of Print Control

a) Enable Print Control

From here you can enable or disable Print Control

b) Refresh

Clicking on this button will search for new printers on Windows and be added to the printers list.

c) Not controlling it

If you want to leave any of your printers unchecked, select it and click this button. No Controlled Printers will be charged and direct printing will be permitted. This can be useful if you have a ticking machine used by another system, such as a telephone tariff.

d) Sharing / Not sharing

Allows you to share Server USB printers with Client PCs.

e) Uninstall

Allows you to remove CyberPlanet printers. They will also be removed from Windows.

f) Printing preferences

Print Control works by removing printer access permissions. Only from here you can change the default settings of your printers.


If you want to modify the Printing Preferences on your Client PCs, you must do so on each of your PCs by accessing the CyberClient configuration.

g) Printer properties

Print Control works by removing printer access permissions. Only from here you can access your printer properties.

h) Automatically control new printers

Enabling this option will automatically detect printers installed on both CyberPlanet and CyberClient.

Printing rates

a) Rate Profiles

Profiles group printers to facilitate tariff configuration.
For example: you can set up a single tariff scheme and apply it to all printers.


Each printer has a single tariff profile assigned 


By pressing this button you can create a new profile and assign a name to it. To assign printers to this new profile you must go to your current profile and change them to the new one.


By pressing this button you can remove the selected profile. If this profile had printers assigned, they would automatically become part of the Default Profile.

b) Printers assigned to the profile

In this column you can view the printers you are using the profile you have selected.

Changing the profile of a printer

When activating the control for the first time the Default Profile contains all the printers. To change the profile of a printer, select it and press Edit to choose the new profile. 

c) Rate rules


The percentages of Color and Black ink are analyzed independently. In case of printing a document with black ink and color, the program always chooses the rate with higher cost. In addition, if the printer has only one type of fee, all pixels are counted with that fee, regardless of whether they are black or color. For example: if a printer has only black rates, all black and color pixels will be added up as black pixels. 

Set the pricing rules for black and color prints, according to your preferences.

  • New: Press New, complete up to what percentage the new rate applies and place your price.


    We recommend keeping percentages by default and only changing prices. Creating too many rules could create confusion.

  • Delete: Select the rate you want to remove and press Delete.

d) Blank sheets

By enabling this option the blank sheets go out through the printer and are counted. In addition they can be set a cost.


This configuration is individual for each of your tariff profiles.

e) Duplex discounts

This option allows you to apply a discount, percentage or fixed, to printing jobs in duplex mode (double face).


This configuration is individual for each of your tariff profiles.

Printers order

a) Arrows

Use the   (top) and   (bottom) arrows to choose the order in which your printers will be displayed in Print Control Preview. So you can, for example, put a monochromatic printer first in the list, avoiding complaints from customers who print in color by mistake.

b) Alter according to the content

If you have a monochromatic printer (Black) and Color and you want to print with a certain printer if the document is black and with another printer if the document is color, enable this option.


The printer type, Color or Black, is determined by the printer driver. If you want to change the printer type that CyberPlanet uses, you will need to remove the Color or Black rates accordingly. For example: If you want a Color printer to be treated as monochromatic, remove the Color rates in the settings.

Advanced options

Clicking on Advanced Options will open a new window where you will find the following settings:


a) Gray conversion

If you do not have a monochromatic printer, you can enable this option. In this way, the user will be able to send a print converted to gray using the color printer.
The graying option will be displayed in the Print Control Preview.

b) Calculate Color Intensity

This option allows to take into account the color intensity of each pixel to print when calculating the percentage of ink occupation on the sheet. In this way the cost of printing is more fair to actually take into account the consumption of generated ink.

To achieve this, the necessary consumption of each type of ink (Cyan, Magenta and Yellow)  is taken into account to generate the color in each pixel. If the consumption exceeds a certain threshold, the point occupation is considered complete and counts as a color pixel. If lower, its coefficient of intensity between 0 and 1 is calculated, therefore that pixel will influence less the percentage of ink occupation of the entire sheet, on which the costs of printing depend.

For example: with this option enabled, a celestial image will cost less than a blue image.
Note that percentage occupancy values will always be lower than determined without this option activated.

c) Count images and gray fonts as color

By default, the print control takes the gray pixels as type Black. Many printers generate the grays using the three color inks. Activating this option gray pixels will be counted as Color type. 

d) Default paper size 

From here you can choose what paper size you want the virtual printer to print by default, both from the PC Server and from the PCs Clients.


If the paper size you want to use does not appear, you can create it yourself. More information.

e) Default Virtual Printer on PC Server

By disabling this option you will be able to preset another printer on your PC Server.


This option is useful for businesses that have other software they frequently use for ticket printing, such as virtual upload software.

f) Allow access to Print Preferences from Control Preview

Enabling this option allows users to access the preferences of the actual printer before confirmation. From there you can choose special printer configurations.

g) Enable duplex printing from Control Preview

Enabling this option will enable double-sided printing directly from the Print Control Preview


The printer you choose to print, must support the dual-sided option.

h) Print quality (300 or 600 DPI)

Print Control prints in standard default quality (300 DPI). This resolution is sufficient for normal printing jobs in a Cybercafé - Lancenter.

This means that you would only need to enable 600 DPI in case you print jobs that need a lot of precision (For example: in graphic design centers).


Talking about this option, the analysis of impressions becomes considerably slower. For this reason it is recommended to enable it only if strictly necessary.

i) Speed of occupancy analysis

There are 3 modes:

    • Fast: Speeds up the internal print control process. (Useful if most of your customers print multi-sheet jobs).
    • Average: It is the intermediate point in terms of accuracy and speed of print control (Useful for most situations).
    • Accurate: Print Control can take longer on large documents. (Use this mode if you require high accuracy on all analyses).


 The Color and Black ink values give slightly different in each mode. We recommend choosing the mode and then setting the print rates.

j) The cashier must authorise the works

The Print Work Authorization consists of limiting the customer to print. The works must be authorized by the Operator. You will be shown the details and the option to Allow or Deny on the PC Server. 


The customer must wait for the Operator’s authorization to send another printing job.  

  • The operator must authorise work with x or more sheets:
    If you enter the value of 5, print jobs with 4 or fewer sheets will not require authorization. But the rest, equal to or greater than 5 sheets must be authorized by the operator. 
  • The operator must authorise with an amount greater than:
    Depending on the cost of the document, the operator must authorize the printing.
  • Apply this rule to: Jobs that are paid in cash / All jobs.
    From here choose whether the authorization rules apply to all print jobs or only those that are paid in cash.


You can take advantage of CyberPlanet’s chat to chat with the customer about their pending jobs. More information.

Paper sizes

a) General configuration

Choose whether to use Use percentage surcharges or Use fixed value surcharges.

  • Example of a percentage surcharge: The normal print value is $4 and a 25% surcharge was set for Oficio sheet. Print value in Craft size is $5.

  • Fixed Value Discount Example: The normal value of the print is $10 and a $1 discount was set for Letter size. The print value in Letter size is $9.

b) Show only printers with default paper size equal to print job

If you enable this option, the print preview will allow you to select only printers whose default paper is the same as that of the job to be printed.

c) Sizes of paper detected

In this list you can find all the paper sizes detected by Windows and see the surcharges or discounts configured.


If you can’t find the paper size you want to configure, you can create it. In this guide we explain how to do it: More information.

d) The selected paper

Select sheet size and set the surcharge or discount, by percentage or by fixed value.


To set a discount, you must place the minus sign ( - ) in front of the percentage value or the fixed value.

e) Apply also to papers of the same dimensions

Enabling this option will automatically apply the same surcharge or discount for paper sizes of the same size.

Exclusions / Surcharges


a) Exclude by title text

This option prevents Impression Control from charging certain documents:

  • By title text: Documents containing a configured text in their title will be excluded from Impression Control.

  • All documents: All documents will be excluded from the Print Control.

Both options apply on PC Server and Remote POS or PCs Customers.



Even if impressions are excluded from the charge, you should always send the printing job to the CyberPlanet printer.

b) Surcharges per title text

From here you can set surcharges for prints according to two criteria:

  • By title text: Documents containing in their title a configured text will have an additional charge per page.

  • All documents: All documents will have the additional charge set. 

Both options apply on PC Server and Remote POS or Client PCs.

Quantity discounts

a) General behavior

  • Apply discounts to: All printed pages

    By checking this option, the discount you set will be applied to all printed pages.

  • Apply discounts to: Only pages that comply with the rule

    By checking this option, the discount is granted from the page configured in the rule. For example: 30% discount from 50 pages. Discount applies from page number 50.


Blank sheets are not taken into account.


Discounts are differentiable by printer. Not by type of printing (Color or Black).

b) The set discounts apply to

From here you can select All printers pages or Only page that meet the rule.


If you wish, you can select special discounts for each of your printers.

c) Set discounts

To place a discount you must press Add new discount and there select the parameters:From (Number of printed pages on which you want to make the discount) and Discount (Percentage you want to discount).

If you want to remove a discount you have set up click Remove Discount.


If you also have a paper-type surcharge set up, that surcharge will be made first and the quantity discounts calculated on the total.

Install printers

If you want to install a new printer in your business, you must do so with closed CyberPlanet or Print Control disabled.

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