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Major changes and migration

Equipment rental

Profiles and rates

Nomenclature changes between versions: 

Customer Subscriber Registered
Free Use/PrepaidAnonymous 
Prepaid CardPIN Card


  • Anonymous clients: The new profiles are more flexible: An anonymous client can log in in Prepaid mode and then switch to Free Use or Postpay and vice versa if the settings allow it. Partial payments in advance are allowed at any time during the session and unused credit is refunded.

  • Registered Customer Profiles (Subscribers): Merged the three types of CyberPlanet 6.4 customers (Time, Cash and Free Use). In the new version if the registered customer does not have credit they can do a Free Use session (if allowed).

Migration of Customer Suscriber for time

In the new scheme, customer time credit is migrated to Time Redeemed for Points. When you migrate, Time Packages become the new Promotions.

Prepaid Cards

In the new version they are called PIN cards, although when migrating they become PIN tickets (see next item). The new cards have integrated inventory management. Therefore it is no longer necessary to create additional products manually to track cards in stock or sold.

The PIN Ticket is also added. They are similar but not pre-printed. When they are issued their amount is entered into the box. They do not use inventory.

Both types of Pins are sold from the POS.

Migration of Prepaid Cards

They become PIN Tickets. Because the stock/inventory of CyberPlanet 6.4 Prepaid Cards is not part of your configuration, the migration of existing cards turns them into PIN Tickets, which do not use inventory. Moreover you can generate new PIN Cards for future sales.  

These new PIN Tickets only have money credit, not time. This allows one of these customers to buy products or pay for prints with their credit.

  • Only cards with active credit are migrated, not expired or disabled.
  • Cards whose Time Pack was removed from the configuration are not migrated.
  • When you migrate the credit in time it becomes equivalent money.
  • By default, the Migrated PIN Card profile cannot purchase products with its new cash credit (to maintain the behavior of the previous version).  
  • The login of these users changes: it becomes a 5-digit PIN formed by the last digit of the card number and its code. For example: Card 1234 with code 6006 now enters with PIN: 46006.

Points Program

  • Registered customers now earn points by paying for credit, products or services. They do not earn points by using the equipment. 
  • The Points System configuration is lost when you migrate, but customers keep their points earned.
  • New: Customers can redeem points for time or products from the Customer PC. More information.

Print control


Changed the way in which printing tariff rules are configured: now printer profile pricing is configured. Each profile can contain several printers, facilitating the administration. More information.

The option to print blank pages will not be migrated, as from CyberPlanet 6.5 that option applies to a profile, with the possibility of assigning a cost.

Access to printers

Local printers are not accessible in the new version and remote printers are not available on Windows. When the control is closed or disabled, CyberPlanet returns printer permissions to Windows users. You can access printer preferences with active control from Menu → Printers → Access Printer Properties or from the Control settings.  

Install Printers

You can only install new printers with CyberPlanet closed or print control disabled.

Blocked Printers

LPC Range Locked Printer Configuration is not migrated. You will need to re-configure from Menu → Printers → Lock Printers.


  • When migrating, all Vendors become Operators. There is no longer a vendor in remote POS. To log in, Operators are used.
  • When you migrate, the product icons are lost. You must choose them again. From now on they will remain in the database, so they will not get lost again when you recover backups.


  • The Checkout Help is now enabled from the General Settings. More information.
  • A Prepaid-mode computer in this version does not have a distinct color of Free Use in the CyberPlanet PCs view.


    If you want to differentiate the color from Free Use and Prepaid, you can use two Anonymous Profiles with different colors. In one will allow to pay at the end of the use of the PC and in the other will not allow it.

Cancel Tickets

  • The Cancel Ticket option was removed and replaced with Credit Notes for better accounting. It is linked to Tickets, which can be fully or partially covered. In addition, an explanatory note can be added to each credit note. Más information.

Functions removed

Print exclusions and surcharges

The function of exclusion and surcharge in impressions according to the executable program that originates the printing was removed.

The same utility is retained by document title.

Selective backup recovery

Recovery for particular tables is no longer available. Full backup including all history and settings is recovered.

Undefined services

To provide greater transparency we have removed the Undefined Services option, however you can still sell services configured with variable price.


CyberPlanet Lite


Due to changes in restrictions in CyberPlanet Lite 6.5 only up to 10 products are allowed in the POS. In the wizard you can choose which products to keep, in case you have more than 10 in your Lite 6.4 installation.
You will not be able to migrate to 6.5 if your business has more than 20 terminals.


Watching: Minimum requirements and compatibility

Migration of Time Subscribers

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