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Tariff rules are flexible to any scheme you need.

From CyberPlanet enter the PC Server menu → Settings → Equipment rental → Profiles / Rates. 



Charging profiles

a) Predetermine

With the arrows ↑ (up) or ↓ (down) select the profile to take it to the first position. This way it will be default that the client will use that profile when enabling the PC.

By clicking on New Profile, you can create a profile:

  • Anonymous:

    For occasional customers. No user and password required for PC use

  • Registered:

    For customers who log in with User and Password. You can benefit from the Points System.

  • PIN Card:

    Fixed, non-rechargeable prepaid credit card. When a card is generated it is automatically added to the internal stock of PIN cards. Can be printed from CyberPlanet or externally prior to sale. Sold from POS.

  • PIN Ticket :

    Fixed, non-refillable credit PIN. A ticket is generated with the data to access the PC once the PIN Ticket is sold from the POS. 

c) Edit profile

This button edits the selected profile. More information.

d) Disable Profile

Select the profile you want to disable and press Disable.


This option is useful to disable profiles you no longer want to use without deleting all users associated with your account with the disabled profile.

e) Delete profile

Select the profile you want to delete and press Delete.

f) Rename

Select the profile you want to rename and press Rename. 

g) Clone

If you want to create a new profile with the same tariff rules as an existing one, use this button. Then you can rename the cloned profile.

Global charging options

a) Rounding up to facilitate recovery

Enabling this option will round the amounts of PC usage, prints, products, etc. For example: if in your country it is not practical to work with amounts less than 50 cents/cents, place in this field: 50.

b) Count time on disconnected PCs

With this option enabled CyberPlanet does not stop the counter if the Client PC is disconnected from the server. For example: If the client restarts the PC you can charge the time that passed during the reboot process.

c) Allow continued use

By enabling this option PCs that are pending payment will be able to continue their use when the Operator presses Play.

d) Maximum time to allow continued use

You can set a maximum time to allow to resume PCs pending payment. 

This means that if the pending PC is kept in that state longer than the configured one, it will have to be "charged" to reuse it.

e) Permitir intercambiar PCs en uso

By enabling this option, if required, you can Swap PCs Clients in use.

f) Credit under / Alarm time to be fulfilled

You decide when the Low Credit sign will appear on the customer’s PC. This option is useful to give the customer time to recharge their credit.

 g) Show only if there is no full screen / Show always

By checking the Show only option if there is no full screen, customers who are using the full screen will receive an audio alert.

By checking the Always Show option, in case of using full screen, the display focus will be removed for the client to display the alert.

h) Text to show (Credit)

Set the text your customers view when their credit is about to run out.

i) Text to display (Cut-off alarm)

Set the text your client displays when their usage time is about to end.

Differential per PC


This configuration allows you to apply surcharges on all the profiles you have.


Surcharges do not apply on Promotions, Free Passes and PIN Cards.

With this feature you can easily generate differentiated zones on your GameCenter, Lancenter or Cybercafé. For example: A VIP area with private boxes, a gamer area with video game consoles or a promotional area with old equipment or small monitors.

Select the PC or PCs you want to set the surcharge on, enter the percentage and finally click Apply.


 If you want to remove a surcharge, mark the PC or the corresponding PCs, enter 0% and press Apply or directly press Remove all surcharges.


Select the profile to take it to the first position. This will default that the client will use that profile when enabling the PC.

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