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In this menu you will find the following options: 

Download Updates

CyberPlanet looks for updates on our website every time it starts. They are automatically downloaded if they are enabled in the CyberPlanet configuration, and their installation is within the validity period of thePowerPack fertilizer.  More information .

Access the Download Updates

Enter the Maintenance menu → Download Updates.


Then enter the admin key, click on Download updates and finally click on There are updates available and re-enter the admin password.  

Update Terminals

The update of the Client PCs, unlike the Server PC, is done manually from CyberPlanet.

If you want to update your Client PCs, you can do so by entering the Maintenance menu →Update Terminals. You can either send an update to the selected PC or do so on all Client PCs.

Connect to Support server

Enter the Maintenance menu → Connect to Support server. Our server will be able to communicate with your PC Server. 


Activation of this option may be required by the technical support area to provide better assistance.

Generate Backup

To Generate Backup from your PC enter the Maintenance menu → Generate Backup and select the location where you want to save it.


By default CyberPlanet generates an automatic backup of your database, which is saved in the BackUp CyberPlanet folder and another in the Ultimate CyberPlanet Backup folder, located in the drive where you have installed CyberPlanet.


If you want to change PC Server or format the disk, you can Generate Backup, save it and then Recover Backup on the new CyberPlanet installation.

Recover Backup



To Recover Backup from your PC enter the Maintenance menu → Recover Backup → Local (Saved on this PC)
(If you cannot access CyberPlanet, enter from Windows Start menu → All programmes → CyberPlanet → Recover Backup).

Place the admin user password and select the location of the file to recover. By accepting, recovery will begin which may take several minutes.


CyberPlanet will start automatically upon completion of the recovery process. Do not start it manually, wait, as it might cancel recovery.


To Recover Backup from Customer Panel (Backup Online), enter the Maintenance menu → Recover Backup →Remote (Customer Panel)


This option is exclusive to customers with PowerPack.


Update Database

To update your database go to the Maintenance menu → Update Database.  



Use this option only if required by our Technical Support.


Delete old data

From here you only delete historical data (tickets, data for reports). Settings and data are not deleted from the current box.

To access enter the Maintenance menu → Delete old data and select from which date you want to delete your old data.

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