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In this menu you can find these options:

Add credit

To charge credit to your customers enter the Registered Customer menu → Add credit. You can also use the F9 keyboard shortcut.

  • Find the customer by entering the User, Last Name or First Name, select it and click OK.

New customer

To create New Customers, you must previously generate a Registered Profile


To create registered customers, you must have the corresponding permission. See Operator Permission.

Create new customer

You must enter the Registered Customer menu → New customer.

Then select the Profile (if you have more than one), enter the initial amount your customer will pay (you can leave it at 0 if you did not set a minimum initial charge) and complete the customer data.


. The name of the users must be at least 4 characters


The user’s password is created by the same user when they first sign in. Note that it must be alphanumeric and have between 8 characters and 12 characters.

Modify - Remove

From here you can edit the user data, the credit, the number of points, the expiration date of the credit, etc. You can also delete a customer’s password or delete a customer.


Minutes that are Points redemption or offers are not editable.

Access Modify - Delete

Enter the Registered Customers menu → Modify - Delete.

Modification of customer data

Enter the user name or use the advanced search to search by Last Name or First Name. Make the necessary changes and press Apply Changes




To Modify - Delete registered customers must have the corresponding permission. See Operator Permission. 


When you delete a user’s password, it must be configured again from a Client PC, entering its username and the new password you want to use.

Enable PC as Customer

There are two ways to enable a customers

  • From the PC Server

Enter the Registered Customers menu→ Enable PC or via Keyboard Shortcuts Control + H. Then place the user name, password, the PC Client number that the client will use and click OK.

  • From the Client PC

Press Client, then enter Username and Password. 


The client chooses his password from the PC Client the first time he is logged in. 

Redeem Points

From here you can exchange points for products or PC usage time, for your customers.

To access enter the Registered Customers menu → Reddem Points.

There choose if you want to exchange time or products.

In case of exchange for time, you must enter the amount of points. In case of exchange for products, you must choose him or the products.


Your customers will be able to redeem points from the same client PC. More information.


Points accumulate at the moment the customer charges credit to their account.


From here you will know in detail all user account movements: when you last used the PC, how long you used it, what products you consumed, how many points you have accumulated and much more.

To access enter the Registered Customers menu → Tracking or by means of the F8 keyboard shortcut.

Lock / Unlock Account

Entering the Registered Customers menu → Block/Unlock Account can block any user account, either temporarily or permanently, you can also unlock a previously blocked account.


This option is ideal to draw the attention of a customer who is behaving inappropriately in your business.

Find the customer and select their account:

Block Account

To block a user’s account, press Block

a) Reactivate account after

By checking this option, you can set the number of hours or days you want to suspend the selected customer. At the end of the set-up period the account will be automatically activated again.

b) Do not automatically reactivate

This option is useful to disable a customer’s account indefinitely or permanently. Account reactivation is done manually by accessing Unlock Account.

c) Reason for blocking

Here you can write a brief detail to explain why the customer account has been blocked.

Unlock account

To unlock a user’s account manually, select it and press Unlock Account.

The name of the users must be at least 4 characters

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