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In this menu you will find the following options: 

Venta de Productos- servicios

Entering the POS menu → Sale of Products-Services or by pressing the F5 Keyboard Shortcut on the CyberPlanet screen, you can access the POSMore information.

Stock: Entry - Withdraw


From this tool you can enter and discharge the number of units you have of each of your products and keep a professional control of your business.

Access to Stock: Entry - Withdraw

To access, enter the POS menu → Stock: Entry – Withdraw

Select the product to which you want to modify your stock, place the number of units you want to Add to Inventory or Remove from Inventory as appropriate and click OK.

Stock Reports

This tool is ideal to quickly and easily see which products reached the Minimum Stock and need replacement. 

Access to Stock Reports

Enter the POS menu → Stock reports.

Here you will find a list of all your products, which you can organize according to the different parameters and print them from Print which is in the lower right margin. For example: only products in need of replacement. 

Remote POS: Pending Sales

Enter the POS menu → Remote POS: Pending Sales.

From here you can:

a) Charge:

They were sent from the remote POS and require confirmation. More information.


If you want sales from the remote POS to be direct, unauthorised, you can set them up from CyberPlanet: More information.

b) See details:

Review the details of the sale you are authorizing.

c) Charged aales

From here you can view the sales charged from the remote POS

Orders from Client PCs

Enter the POS menu → Orders from Client PCs.

All purchases made by your customers require authorization from the PC Server.


Allowing your products to be purchased from PCs Customers is an individual configuration for each of their products: More information.

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