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In this menu you will find the following options:

Cash Closing


It is recommended to carry out a box closure when an Operator finishes his turn. This will allow him to filter reports by Operator. 

Cash Closing

To close a shift enter the Cash menu → Cash Closing

A window will open from which the Trader will have to declare the cash, that is to say he will have to deposit the total of the cash that he has in cash and press OK.


Declaring cash is a configurable option from the CyberPlanet General Settings.

You will then have to do the Cash Withdrawal. You can do it for the Total Collected or Leave Cash. (Petty cash, change for the next shift, etc.) 


Making withdrawals or money income is a Configurable Permission for each Operator.

Finally, you must select the Operator that will log in and then open the Cash Balance Audit. 


The opening balance is the difference between the Total Collected and the Withdrawn Money. For example: if in the morning shift $1527.15 was raised and a cash withdrawal was made for $1500, the initial balance of the afternoon shift will be $27.15. 



A new box is automatically opened when closing a box. Each box is assigned a consecutive number to the previous box. The box number cannot be changed.



You will not be able to close the box if you have prints, recordings or scans pending payment in the POS (Point of Sale Terminal). 


If desired, you can avoid cashier closures with pending charges or PCs in use, from the Operator Permissions. 

Change Cashier

You can change Operator without closing CyberPlanet, or Cash Closing.

To change Operator enter the Cash menu → Change Cashier.

Then Accept the message below and start CyberPlanet with the Operator you want. 

See Tickets

Entering the Cash menu → See Tickets you can access the details of all tickets in your current box and print them out.


To access this option you can use the F2 Keyboard Shortcut..

View / add observations

By clicking on View / add observations you can make annotations on each of your tickets or observe those that already exist.

Create Credit Note

To make a Credit Note, go to the Cash menu → Create Credit Note.

Select the Ticket Number. If you do not know the number, click on the link See Tickets, select the amount you want to return to the customer, enter a comment (if desired) and press OK.



The amount credited to the credit note shall be deducted from the total cash.


Realize a credit note is a configurable Permiso per operator 


Cannot generate credit notes from closed boxes. Only from the current box.  

See credit notes made

Enter the Cash menu → Ticket detail, find the corresponding ticket and click on Associated credit note.

Cash Balance Audit

From Cash Balance Audit you will be able to see everything that happened in the current box: sales details, totals, stock detail, events, schedule in which the box was started, etc.

Access to the Cash Balance Audit

Enter the Cash menu → Cash Balance Audit. (Or use the F3 Keyboard Shortcut)


Access to the Cash Balance Audit is a per-operator configurable permission.

The name of the permit is (Cash) cash Balance Audit.

Removing this permission, also hides the total box shown in the box detail, in the upper right margin of the CyberPlanet screen. 

Income / Expenses

Income and Expenses are useful to obtain a comprehensive economic control of your cybercafé, lancenter or gamecenter from CyberPlanet, without the need to use Excel spreadsheets, etc. 
With the Income and Expenses you can keep track of payments to suppliers, salary payments, income from money, cash withdrawals, advances, cash differences, monthly balance sheets with the amounts of money entered into your entire business, etc.
And you can also manage a cash opening balance: the difference between money collected - retired money.

Access to Income and Expenses

To make an income or expenses, access the Cash menu → Income / Expenses and select which of the two options you want to perform. 


Income / Expenses is an Cashiers Set Permissons. The name of the permit is (Cashier) Add / WithDraw Money. 

Reports Generator

From here you can observe all the historical information of your business, perform economic and statistical analyses, carry out monthly, annual controls, etc. 

Access to the Reports Generator

To access the Reports Generator, go to the Cash menu → Reports Generator

The utility of the main reports is detailed below:.

Cash flow: Here you will find all the information of your current box and of previous boxes, you will see the totals of the collection. It is ideal to make the balances of the economy of your local.

 PC Rental

Economic analysis: This branch is ideal to make comparative analyses by months, know the level of occupancy of your PCs Customers, etc. And based on these analyses to be able to make decisions about projections, changes of rates, etc.

Recursos humanos:

Security: From here you can see all the security events, know how long PCs used Customers operators, etc.

Stock Control: Here you will find all the existing stock of products, income, expenses, etc.

 Registered Customer: In this report you will find a ranking of registered customers where you can see which are your most frequent customers and a list with the name of all your customers.

 Impressions Control: In this report you will find a ranking of registered customers where you can see which are your most frequent customers and a list with the name of all your customers.

 PIN Cards and Tickets: Ideal to analyze this mode of collection in PCs Clients.



These same reports can be observed from anywhere you are, through the Web Reports.  



Access to the Reports Generator is a configurable operator permission called (Reports) Access to Report Generator 

Open Cash Drawer

To be able to open the Cash Drawer at any time you want, enter the Cash menu → Open Cash Drawer or by using the F4 Keyboard Shortcuts by pressing the key on the main screen of CyberPlanetMore information.

Access to the Cashier Query is a per-operator configurable permission. The name of the permit is (Box) Current box query.

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