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We consider virtual computers to devices that do not have CyberClient installed, such as portable PCs of private customers who want to connect to their network. In this case, only one time control is performed. There is no lock of any kind on the user’s computer.

It can also be used to control video game consoles (PlayStation 2-3-4, Wii and XBOX - XBOX 360- XBOX ONE). By means of hardware you can control the time of use and lock the consoles. 

Access to the settings

Enter the PC Server menu→ Setting → Equipment rental → Consoles – Virtual machines

In the left part of the window select the range of equipment that will be intended for virtual terminals or video game consoles.

If using CyberConsolas select Enable Hardware Control (CyberConsolas).

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You can use the Alias option to better identify virtual computers in the CyberPlanet panel. Right click on the virtual PC, Visual → Alias.

CyberConsolas USB


For full information see: Manual of CyberConsolas

CyberConsolas LPT (Discontinued production)

Select the CyberConsolas LPT option and connect the hub to the PC Server.

CyberPlanet uses the Parallel Port (LPT) of the PC Server to connect with the CyberConsolas Hub. You must select the corresponding port in the configuration.

To find out the port information on your PC, log in to the Operating System Device Manager. In the branch LPT and COM ports → Printer port verify which LPT port to select in the CyberPlanet configuration.

Port LPT Onboard

If the LPT port is part of the motherboard (MotherBoard), determine which LPT port to select by following the steps in the animation below.

 Placa Onboard. Clic para ampliar.

The values can be: LPT1, LPT2 or LPT3.

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LPT port PCI plate

If your board is external, you will need to set the value manually. To learn how to find it, see the animation below.

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Following the example, within the CyberPlanet configuration you should enter D000

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Check if you have connected everything correctly: Connection diagram. 

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