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CyberPlanet is a comprehensive management system for LanCenter, GameCenter, Centro de Copiados y Cybercafés, developed and refined over many years. It is carefully designed so that it is not necessary to resort to Help. It is composed of a Client Module (CyberClient) that is installed in the Client PCs and a Server Module (CyberPlanet) that manages and controls the use of the Client PCs.

Our goal is to generate a safe, user-friendly system that offers innovative features not achieved by other products.

CyberPlanet (Server)

The Server Module allows you to control the use made of the computers and can enable, block, restart or shut them down when the Operator needs it.

At a glance you can know the status of the PCs thanks to the colors for each computer. It also has icons that let you know which PCs have loaded impressions, which PCs are blocked, if there are enabled computers that do not show activity, etc.

It also has a child control to restrict access to pornographic sites or other sites that you choose to blacklist.

Ease of use is directly related to the number of clicks or keys you need to use to accomplish a task. The number of steps to access each CyberPlanet function is reduced to a minimum.

PC modes of use

  • Free Use: Pay at completion.
  • Postpaid use: Pay at the end of the requested time.
  • Prepaid Usage: You can add reloads before the end of usage time.
  • Registered Users: Log in with Username and Password. The computer is automatically blocked at the end of the credit.
  • PIN cards: Generates pre-printed credit pins to facilitate the entry of customers. Especially useful in bars, hotels, libraries, etc.
  • PIN tickets: Generate PIN with instant-use credit in ticket format.
  • Operator Mode: Allows to use the equipment without charging its use. Detections of use of peripherals will be charged.

In the same session you can switch between Free Use, PosPago and Prepaid modes.


  • Flexible: The configuration of the rates is simple and highly flexible, allowing all kinds of payment schemes and modes of use. 
  • Simultaneous: Allows to manage different prices for Internet, Games, Consoles, Promotional Rates, etc. Each rate can be available in different teams simultaneously in the same schedule.
  • By schedule: Each of the rates can be set independently to work on certain days and times.  
  • Per PC: Allows you to apply automatic surcharges or discounts on the rates defined according to the PC used.  
  • With App Lock: A list of apps that will not work in each tariff independently can be configured. This allows to adapt the rates to the particular uses of each equipment.


Considered one of the key points for Cyberplanet, we developed the AntiFraude system and Data Integrity.

Anti-Fraud system

  • Full support of Windows Restricted Users in CyberClient and CyberPlanet, making it impossible to modify files.
  • Encrypted events are generated that are printed in the box summary to situations such as:
    • Changes in the configuration.
    • Closing and opening of the system.
    • Automatic use of guard base.
    • Closing the client system with administrative key.
    • Deletion of files from CyberPlanet system.
  • Inability to close the Client Module thanks to advanced self-protection, including Task Manager or advanced process management applications.
  • Windows Task Manager Lock (optional).

Data integrity

  • The status of computers and pending charges are stored every 30 seconds to secure data before Windows reboots.
  • Complete backup of your base on a daily basis on your hard drive.
  • If you have a CyberPack subscription per day, you can also generate a full BackUp Web with each Turn Close.

Other features

  • Automated control of impressions.

  • Scan control with ADF support.

  • Cash Drawer Holder and Ticket Printers.

  • Client PCs reboot warning.

  • Stock control of products by categories.

  • Alert enabled PCs that do not show activity.

  • Control of Video Game Consoles by Hardware.

  • Automated CD and DVD recording control.

  • Cumulative Points System for Registered Customers, redeemable by credit or products.

  • Sound warnings of start, attempt of entry and end of use of PCs Clients.

  • Adjustment of microphone and speaker volume level by PC or general from the server.

  • Blocking PCs and printers.

  • Operating System Restrictions for Configurable Clients PCs.

  • Chat with PCs Clients.

  • Programmable advertising bar for terminals.

  • Remote Terminal Management (VNC) and completion of remote processes.

  • Protection of minors (blocking pages with adult content).

  • Remote updates to the terminals from the server.

  • Sending of programmed e-mails and by closing of box.

  • Direct chat with CyberPlanet support and remote support.

  • Energy saving, off and hibernated ...

  • Switch off, turn on and restart computers from the server.

CyberClient (Client)

Customers interact with this module. Its operation is simple and very intuitive. 

When the computer is not in use, the keyboard does not respond to key combinations such as Ctrl-alt-Supr, Alt-Tab, etc.

When you enter by clicking Enable, the PC is unlocked and a small info window appears showing the current time and amount. 

At all times the user can:

  • See the details of their consumption.
  • See prints, scans, recordings made.
  • See products or services consumed.
  • See your credit, accumulated points, remaining time, etc.
  • View your customer history, modify your Client Key.
  • Chat with the Operator.
  • Log out using Finish.
  • Buy products from the Customer PC.

The Multiprocess system makes it impossible to close the module unauthorised on any version of Windows.

CyberClient uses few resources so it does not interfere with other applications.

Outstanding integration with Print Control (» watching video ), Scans (» watching videoand automated Recordings. (» watching video)

ControlCyber (Remote)

ControlCyber is an additional module that works in conjunction with CyberPlanet

It will allow you to be permanently connected with your/s business/s, from your home or office, integrating your branches from a central console.


  • Remote handling

    You can use it to maintain PCs (Server or Clients) or to be aware of everything that happens, viewing or controlling the screen of any PC of the Cybercafé, LanCenter or GameCenter, with UltraVNC technology. You can also monitor or close processes on any computer. (» watching video

  • File transfer

    Lets you send or download files from any PC.

  • Chat con los empleados 

    It is an internal chat system with which you can contact the ATMs of your business, avoiding the need to use Facebook, WhatsApp or similar on the CyberPlanet server.
  • Monitoring by WebCam

    By simply connecting a WebCam to the CyberPlanet Server PC, you can view images remotely from wherever you are. 
    Historical Archive: You will be able to consult what is captured by the camera at the time you need, with a maximum of 15 days of history.


The use of ControlCyber is part of the services included in CyberPack.


Download ControlCyber


Print control

The way CyberPlanet performs Print Control is unique in the world in this kind of application.  

Outside CyberPlanet, the most advanced systems in print control require the Operator to decide whether the prints are colored, black and white, photographic, etc., with the risks of fraud and the disagreements that this implies.

You can have REAL control of impressions in your business. The system charges according to the amount and type of ink (color or black) of each printed page.
Users can know the exact cost of their prints before sending them.

Print Control installation is automatic and compatible with any printer class. Unlike other systems, there are no limitations regarding the version of Windows used or the location of the printer within the network.

A video is worth a thousand words: » watch video print control.

Scan control

You will be able to control this service that usually presents important leaks in cybercafés.

Enabling the control and choosing a price for each pass activates the Scanner Control on the computers you want within the network.

The control is carried out at the hardware level: all access to the scanner is blocked. 

The only way to scan is by using the Scanner icon that is automatically generated on the desktop of the computer with a connected scanner.

Supports page feeders (ADF) and multipage PDF export.

The operation is very simple:

  • After the scan is done, an Internal Editor appears that allows you to make some adjustments (resize, rotate and crop) and confirm the work.
  • If accepted, the amount is added to the total of the computer where the scan was performed.
  • If the scan is done on the computer running CyberPlanet or on a PC enabled in Operator Mode, a window is displayed to select which PC to apply the amount to and transfer the scanned image to the client.

» Watch video of the scanner control running.

Recording control

With just one option enabled in the configuration, CyberPlanet will control and charge for recordings made on any of the PCs in your business.

The system differentiates CD, DVD, double layer DVD or Blu Ray recordings. It can set independent prices for each type of recording.

The control is low level so it does not matter the program used or the type of recording. All recordings will be detected without the need to install additional components.

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