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The Points program is ideal for rewarding your frequent customers.

  • In the new version 6.5, you can select the profile to which you want to apply the Points Program and award in a differentiated way to each profile.
  • This system does not apply to Anonymous and PIN Card profiles.

Access to the settings


Enter the PC Server menu → Settings → Marketing → Points Program.

Setting to Points Program

To start check the Enable Point Program option.

a) Profile

Select the profile to which you want to configure the Points Program.


You can award each of your profiles differently.


The Points Program only applies to the Registered type.

b) Enable in this profile

Check this option to enable the Points Program in the previously selected profile.

c) Earn Points when buying

Place the amount of points your customer will get based on the money spent. For example: 1 point every $10. Includes credit charges, purchase of products or services. 


Customers earn points the moment they charge money to their accounts, not when using credit. Therefore, a product purchased with credit will not give points because they were already granted when acquiring the credit.

d) Redeem points for time

Here you must enter the amount of points that your customer must accumulate to access the redemption.

For example: Getting 10 points, the customer has 60 minutes of gift

e) Minutes / hours to use in terminals

Set how many minutes or hours you want to give to that user profile.

Following the logic of our example: 10 points equals 60 minutes of use.


In CyberPlanet version 6.5, points are only redeemed for time, products or services. The points that are redeemed, do not add new points as happened in previous versions.

f) Product value in points

If you want your customers to also redeem their points for products or services, use this option.

Click Value of products exchange and double-click on the product to which you want to set a Point Swap value.

A new sale will open. In the Points Value field enter the number of points your customer must accumulate to obtain that product.


If you want your customers to be able to redeem points for certain products, you need to previously set points in value to each of them.


If your customer wishes to redeem points for products, it will be done directly from the Customer PC. More information.

How to know the accumulated points of a customer

There are two ways to know the amount of points accumulated from your customers

  • From the PC Server

From CyberPlanet entering Customer Tracking.

  • From the Client PC

The same customer can see how many points have been accumulated by right clicking on the Menu icon.

Redeem points

The Operator can do it from the local POS or the remote POS, and the customer directly from the Client PC: More information.

If your customer wishes to redeem points for products, they will do so directly from the Customer PC.

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