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The Services are useful to charge certain type of tasks: a typing, a technical assistance, a design, etc.

Access to the setting

Enter the PC Server menu → Setting → Point of sale → Services

Service options

Edit categories

By clicking on this link you can access the Categories settings.

Show only category

Select the category you want to view, if you have previously configured the Categories.


By clicking on New, you can create the Service you want.

a) Category

Select the Category of the new Service.

Categories will allow you to manage and optimize sales of your products and services. After generating the categories you must apply them to each service. At the time of a sale you can filter by Category to speed up searches.


It is optional to place category to your services.

b) Name

Here you must write the name of the Service.

c) Detail

You can add additional details to your service (Ideal to differentiate services with similar names).

d) Price

Here you must place the sale price of each of your Services.

e) Priceless

If you wish, you can enable this option and decide the cost of the service at the time you will charge your customers. 

f) Tax

Taxes are only used for ticket generation and printing. If you use taxes, the ticket will first detail each tax-free item, then a subtotal, and finally the total value of each tax that is applied. More information

g) Accept

Once you have made the changes or created new services, confirm these changes by pressing Accept.

h) Cancel

If you regret creating the service or did not want to create a new service, press Cancel.


Double-click on the service row you want to edit.


If you want to delete a Service, select it, click Delete and confirm the action. 

Import/export of services

From here you can retrieve a previously configured service list or generate a list of services to recover in a new installation of CyberPlanet.

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