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About this manual

This manual describes the installation, use and configuration of the CyberPlanet management system in version 6.5 designed by the Argentine company TenaxSoft..

The latest version of this manual in HTML and PDF format will always be available in the support area of the website


CyberPlanet is a network software based on a Client-Server architecture. Experience with basic computer network concepts such as:

  • Share printers and the print server concept.
  • Understand the Client-Server relationship.
  • Know Windows security concepts as Users.

Terminology used 

  • Textual elements that are part of the program, such as option names or menus, will be written in bold.
  • The passage between sub-screens or sub-menu elements is indicated with an arrow. For example: PC ServerSettings means selecting the Settings item from the Server menu.
  • The button names of the program are indicated in bold. For example: Press OK to continue.


To help with reading fluency, icons highlighting the content of certain paragraphs are used:







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