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Access the configuration

Enter the PC Server menu → Setting → Work environment → General Options

Settings of the General Options

a) Show seconds in CyberPlanet

By activating this option, the Operator can see the number of seconds the PCs carry.

b) Show amount on PCs already charged in CyberPlanet

By enabling this option you can keep the amounts of PCs collected. This option is useful in the following case: the Operator quickly charged the PC and does not remember how much the customer should pay. This way you can see it, without needing to see the ticket detail. 

c) Enable / Disable Pcs with space bar

With this option you can enable PCs Clients by pressing the space bar.

To enable a PC with space bar, select the Client PC you want to enable, press the space bar and finally click Yes or press Enter. (Keyboard shortcuts). 

d) Play sounds when PC is enabled, finished, or trying to be used, impressions must be confirmed, etc

By unchecking this option the PC Server will not issue any sound alert. There are four sounds in CyberPlanet:

  • When a customer starts using a PC.

  • When a PC ends its use.

  • When a customer tries to enable an unauthorized or pending PC.

  • When a customer sends a print job that requires operator authorization.


If desired, you can edit the sounds of CyberPlanet. More information.  

e) Sounds volume

From here you can choose the intensity of sounds (alerts), which generates CyberPlanet. The options available are: Low, Medium and High.

f) Allow a new customer to use a PC with a configured note

By checking this option your registered customers will be able to start a client PC containing an associated note.

g) Inactive PC Notice

This warning is symbolized with a small black screen in the lower left margin of the Client PC and indicates that the mouse or keyboard is not being used in that same one. From this setting you can place the number of seconds that the inactive PC must spend for the symbol to appear.



This option is ideal to determine that a customer left without paying or switched PCs without notice.


This option is ideal to determine that a customer left without paying or switched PCs without notice.

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