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This new option offered by CyberPlanet 6.5, is ideal to organize events in your business and make them profitable.



Lan Party-Free Passes, sold only from the POS (local or remote) and available only to registered customers.

Access the settings

Enter the PCServidor menu → Settings → Marketing → Lan Party / Free pass

Settings to Lan Party / Free Pass

a) Edit

By pressing Edit or double-clicking the Free Pass row you want to modify, you will access the edit.

b) Delete

Select the Free Pass you want to remove and then press Delete.

c) New

To create an offer click New.

There are two types of events available:
An event (punctual): With programmable date and schedule.
Periodic events: Sold during the day of the event.

1- Name

Choose a name to identify your Free Pass.

2- Profile

Choose the profile for which the Free Pass you are creating will be available.

3- Price

Place the cost you will have your Free Pass.


Here you can configure the validity of the free pass created.

4- Event:

Configure from and until what date or time the Free Pass created will be valid.



Esta opción es ideal para vender los pases libres al evento con anticipación.

5- Regular Events: During buying day

Enabling this option, the free pass will be valid only on the day it has been sold.

6- Regular Events: From the day of purchase ... To the same day / Next day

Marking this option, you can choose until the time of the day to which the free pass was sold, will be valid the same.

7- Days of pass generation

Here you can write how many days from the moment the free pass was sold, it will be valid the same.




This option is exclusive to periodic events.



How to Sell a Free Pass

Access the POS and choose Free Passes / Offers (or press the F10 keyboard shortcut)

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