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This option is ideal to make discounts on PCs Customers, which are preconfigured previously. They are detailed in both Cash Close and Report Generator.

Access the settings

Enter the PC Server menu → Setting → Point of sale → Discounts

Discount setting


To create a discount click on New, complete the Detail field and the Discount Amount, and finally click on Ok.


Discounts can be a fixed value, for example $1, or a percentage value, for example 5%, by ticking the Is percent option.


If you want to edit any of your discounts, double click on it to access the edition.


Select the discount you want to remove, press Delete and confirm the action.

Apply discounts

Enter the POS (F5 Keyboard Shortcut), select the Apply Discounts column (F4 Keyboard Shortcut), choose the discount you want to use and apply it accordingly.



The discounts in the new version 6.5 apply only to sales made from the POS (Products, Services, Free Passes, Offers, PIN Ticket y PIN Card)

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