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CyberPlanet Lite is the free version of CyberPlanet. It has no time limit but functional limitations, you can see them in the following table:

Comparison chart


 CyberPlanet LiteCyberPlanet Premium
Number of terminals10Unlimited
Quantity of products in POS10Unlimited
Control of video game consoles CyberConsolas(minus)(tick)
Print controlDon't keep logs(tick)
Scan controlDon't keep logs(tick)
Purchase of products from PC ClientDemo(tick)
Remote POS(minus)(tick)
Open browser when you log in and choose the websiteFixedFree
Point Exchange from Customer PC(minus)(tick)
Control de Menores y Lista Negra de sitios(minus)(tick)
Mode: Peripheral control only(minus)(tick)
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  • Print control

    Print Control is essential to prevent leaks and better manage your business.
    In the Lite version you can see it working but no historical records are kept.

  • Parental Control

    The Parental Control Avoid pornographic or violent sites.

    It is complemented with the Allow / Deny List of custom sites.

  • CyberConsolas

    CyberConsolas is the hardware control of video game consoles.

  • Home page

    In its free version CyberPlanet does not allow to modify the home website in PCs Clients.

  • CyberPack

    Installing CyberPlanet Lite has one month of free CyberPack Membership. After that period, you can buy the service.
    What is the CyberPack fertilizer?
  • Online support

    Free technical support for one month. Completed that time the support will be via e-mail if you do not buy the CyberPack subscription.
    How to buy CyberPack?

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