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CyberPlanet Lite is the free version of CyberPlanet. It has no time limit but functional limitations, you can see them in the following table:

Comparison chart


 CyberPlanet LiteCyberPlanet Premium
Number of terminals10Unlimited
Quantity of products in POS10Unlimited
Remote POS(minus)(tick)
Withhold tickets(minus)(tick)
Control of video game consoles CyberConsolas(minus)(tick)
Print controlDon't keep logs(tick)
Scan controlDon't keep logs(tick)
Shopping cart(minus)(tick)
Open browser when you log in and choose the websiteFixedFree
Point Exchange from Customer PC(minus)(tick)
Parental control system and Black list from web sites(minus)(tick)
Mode: Peripheral control only(minus)(tick)
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  • Number of terminals

    The Lite version can control up to 10 client terminals (client PCs).

  • Local POS (Quantity of products)

    The Point of Sale (POS) allows you to sell your products, services, promotions and free passes from CyberPlanet,

  • WiFi

    CyberPlanet WiFi Control is an additional service, exclusive to CyberPlanet Premium 6.5, which will allow you to make the most of the connectivity of your WIFI network.

  • Remote POS

    Remote POS is a tool created for those customers who own two or more operators by
    shift, or for operators who handle two PCs simultaneously. The idea is to decompress the use of CyberPlanet.

  • Withhold tickets

    With this function you can put a sale, for example a large print job, on hold and perform another.

  • CyberConsolas

    CyberConsolas is the hardware control of video game consoles.

  • Print control

    Print Control is essential to prevent leaks and better manage your business.
    In the Lite version you can see it working but no historical records are kept.

  • Scan control

    Scan Control works by blocking all unauthorized access to the scanner. By enabling Scan Control all scans are economically controlled.

  • Buy products from PCs customers (Shopping cart)

    Customers can choose and buy their products directly from the PC they are occupying. You can pay with your credit, points or cash at the end of your session.
    You will have control over which products are available for this mode of purchase.

  • Homepage

    In its free version CyberPlanet does not allow you to modify the homepage on PCs Clients and by default when the PC starts the browser opens.

  • Point Exchange from Customer PC

    In the Lite version only the CyberPlanet operator will be able to redeem points, the exchange of points for their customers is not available from the same client PCs.

  • Parental Control

    The Parental Control Avoid pornographic or violent sites. It is complemented with the Allow / Deny List of custom sites.

  • Control of Peripherals Only

    It is limited to Print Control, Scans and CD/DVD Recordings, therefore it does not graphically block the use of equipment. This mode is ideal for universities, hotels or places where it is not charged for the use of PCs Clients.


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