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From here you can:

  • Enable Parental Control for both Client PCs and the Server PC.
  • Personally configure the web pages you want to restrict and those you want to allow always, beyond the content they have. This way you can make sure that certain sites always stay blocked and others are never blocked, no matter how much content analysis considers it otherwise.
  • Restrict access for registered users according to age and schedule.

Parental Control is only available for the Premium Version of our system.

Access to the setting

Enter the PC Server menu → Setting → Security → Parental Control.

Configuration of Parental Control 


a) Activate Parental Control System

From here you can enable or disable parental control.

b) Restrictions

From here check what type of content you want to block: Pornography, Violence, Youtube (restricted mode) and Google (secure search).

c) Control on ServerPC and remote POS

Enable or disable Parental Control for CyberPlanet Server PC and Remote POS.


Parental Control for PC Server does not work with Windows 32 bits.

d) Enable by default in all sessions

All customer sessions will start with active child control.

If you want to enable/disable Parental Control on a particular PC, double-click on the icon

e) Update datebase

Pressing this button is forcing an update of the restricted website listing. By default CyberPlanet updates this information. Use this option only if requested by our technical support.

Allow / Deny List

a) On client PCs and/or On server PC Servidor and remote POS

From here you can mark where you want to apply the White/Black List settings

b) Allow list

This list contains all the websites you wish to exclude from Parental Control.

To exclude a website from Parental Control, you must press Add Domain or Add Subdomain.
If you want to delete a domain or subdomain, select it and press Delete Row.

c) Deny List

This list contains all the websites you want to include in Parental Control.

If you want to restrict access to a website with Parental Control, you should press Add domain. If you want to restrict access to only one subdomain of a website, press Add subdomain and if you want to remove any domain or subdomain, select it and press Remove Row.


Pay attention when adding pages to the AllowList, as you may be blocking entire domains, when not intended

Domain examples

Examples of subdomains

In this example, is shown in the domain and subdomain list.
If you only want to block the adult section of a website and not the rest, then you must enter the subdomain of that page


That is, following the example:
Do not add the domain as it would also be blocking the sudominios and
Just add to the Allow List the subdomain  

Restrictions to miniors

a) Keep control of pornography always active for miniors

This option is ideal for intelligent use of Parental Control. Registered customers who have indicated their date of birth will be automatically restricted or permitted.


This setting does not apply to profiles: Anonymous, PIN Card and PIN Ticket.

b) Restrict use of PCs to miniors

Habilitando esta opción podrá configurar el Control de Menores según día u horario.


Esta opción es exclusiva para Clientes Registrados.

c) Hours of the day

Configure en qué horario va a restringir el uso de PC a los menores.

d) Consider minor to customer under

Set the age at which you consider a person to be a minor.

If you set 17 years old, registered customers aged 16 or under will have Parental Control active.

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